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Letters: Would England have tholed Scotland swinging the Brexit vote? - Today News Post Today News || UK News

AS usual, following the resignation of yet one more Scottish Labour leader, we have the regular debate about the remedy (Letters, January 16).

In the discussion on the recent Saturday version of Good Morning Scotland on Radio Scotland, involving former Labour ministers Brian Wilson and Anne Maguire, it was averred that the SNP’s success was due to its slick party operation. Not true: it was attributable to the two major Scottish unionist parties, Labour and Conservative, having nothing to offer Scottish voters, so they effectively handed power over to the SNP.

Furthermore, Mr Wilson claimed that the SNP was obsessed with breaking up the UK when the constitution was not a real issueThe U.S.. We can only wonder what planet he inhabits. For exampleThe minimum age limit was lowered by five years on Sunday afternoon., in the EU referendum, Scotland voted two to one to remain, with the English vote overwhelming the outcome. SoThe directive came into effect, we have been dragged out against our willThe variant was first identified i.

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