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In recent years, the word "whole house customization" is very popular in the building materials industry. Because of the development of the market, whole house customization is more in line with the needs of modern society. Especially for young consumer groups, whole house customization home will also usher in a new situation. The competition between the top ten whole house customization brands and other industries is more intense. For consumers, It's not easy to choose a customized brand of whole house furniture that suits your own home from so many brands, so it's very important to choose

first, I believe that brand "this is a brand oriented society"

with the continuous improvement of living standards, people not only pursue food and clothing, but also experience and enjoyment. Brand is not only the guarantee of quality, but also the symbol of identity, status and even taste. Furniture, as durable goods, is not changed once a year like clothes. Most people buy furniture no more than twoorthree times in their lifetime. Such a "once and for all" thing, once "slip", may regret for a lifetime. Buying well-known brand furniture is not only reassuring in quality, but also their design is often authentic and exquisite, which makes them look comfortable with confidence. As a household brand, tree life has won the top ten brands of wooden doors in China and the top ten brands of the whole wood customization industry in China for many years, and has become the favorite brand of consumers

second, choosing furniture is actually choosing a lifestyle.

customized furniture design is not a simple object design, but "creating a more reasonable way of life". "The purpose of design is people, not products". Customized furniture needs to get rid of the temptation of "low-end" and "replication" of furniture, return to the origin of user needs, pursue original design, and create independent brands. The top ten whole house customized brand tree ・ life is a home brand specially created for Chinese people. We not only provide consumers with a customized home, but also advocate the personalized, fashionable and healthy life concept of home life

third, product quality is the guarantee. No matter how good the brand and design are, they all need to be realized through the product landing. If the product quality is not up to standard, everything is empty talk. Through strict process flow, high standard quality requirements, the use of modern and advanced production lines can match different sizes and changes, especially for special situations, non-standard methods can be used flexibly, It can be configured and supplemented from simple to complex at any time according to its own needs, which provides the foundation and guarantee for the improvement of differentiated R & D capability of tree life whole house customization

fourth, service is the core competition

after years of development, the whole house customized furniture industry has changed from product competition to service competition. Consumers have increasingly demanding requirements for customized furniture brands, and brands with a poor sense of experience are difficult to win the favor of consumers even if their products are of good quality. Especially in the current fast-paced life, everyone hopes to spend the shortest time to do the most efficient things. The consumption mode of saving time, effort and worry is highly respected. Trees live across the country, constantly opening new physical stores, so that consumers across the country can personally experience life in stores, and provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service, so that everyone is more at ease





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