Classification and purchase of sanitary ware

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Sanitary ware is an indispensable part of indoor accessories in modern architecture. We should not only meet the functional requirements, but also consider the new stage of energy and water conservation

sanitary ware is an indispensable part of indoor matching in modern architecture. We should not only meet the functional requirements, but also consider the new stage of energy and water conservation

I. material and technology of sanitary ware:

the material of sanitary ware is mostly ceramic, enamel pig iron, enamel steel plate, terrazzo, etc

with the development of building materials technology, new materials such as FRP, artificial marble, artificial agate and stainless steel have been introduced at home and abroad

the processing technology of hardware accessories of sanitary ware has also developed from general chromium plating to high-precision processing by various means to obtain high-end products with beautiful appearance, energy saving and noise elimination

II. Classification of sanitary ware:

there are many kinds of sanitary ware, but their common requirements are smooth surface, impermeable, corrosion-resistant, hot and cold resistant, easy to clean and durable, etc

at present, the commonly used sanitary wares in China include the following:

(1) washbasin: it can be divided into hanging type, column type and desktop type

(2) toilet: it can be divided into two categories: flush type and siphon type. According to the shape, it can be divided into conjoined and split. The new toilet also has the functions of heat preservation and body purification

(3) bathtub: various shapes and patterns. According to the way of bathing, there are sitting bath and lying bath. Sitting bath with lavatory chassis. By function, there are bathtub and jacuzzi. There are acrylic bathtubs, steel bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, etc

(4) shower room: composed of door panel and bottom basin. The door plate of the shower room can be divided into PS plate, FRP plate and tempered glass. The shower room covers a small area and is suitable for shower

(5) hardware accessories: different forms and patterns. In addition to the sanitary fittings mentioned above, it also includes various faucets, glass brackets, towel racks (rings), soap tanks, toilet paper tanks, shower curtains, anti fog mirrors, etc

III. purchase of sanitary ware:

when purchasing sanitary ware, you should first pay attention to its ceramic quality:

high quality sanitary ware has a smooth glaze, without pinholes, bubbles, unglazed, uneven gloss and other phenomena; The sound of knocking ceramics by hand is relatively clear

inferior sanitary wares often have sand holes, bubbles, lack of glaze, and even slight deformation, and the sound when knocking is dull

in addition, the following points should be paid attention to in the purchase of sanitary ware:

1. When purchasing sanitary ware, the grades such as flour dispenser, toilet, bathtub, etc. should be coordinated with the color matching of floor tiles and wall tiles in the bathroom

2. Before choosing the toilet, make sure whether the reserved drain in the toilet is under drainage or horizontal drainage

3. When choosing a water-saving toilet, you can't just look at the size of the water tank

4. How to distinguish the quality of sanitary ware ceramics? Generally, the glaze of high-quality sanitary ware is bright and clean, without sagging pond, color difference, pinhole and lack of glaze, and the sound made by knocking ceramics with hard objects is clear




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