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On June 15, citizens and women @4286666:

the delivery of new houses was good, but the endless home decoration companies and sales calls made people uncomfortable

in the past two years, after my husband and I paid the down payment, the most common thing we did was to discuss how to decorate our new home in front of the floor plan. It was not easy to expect the house to be delivered by the end of March this year. My husband and I were in high spirits to prepare for decoration, but we didn't know how our personal information was leaked. Every day, we received all kinds of harassing calls about home decoration companies, ceramic tile manufacturers, security doors, air conditioning sales and so on

at first, I asked a few questions with great interest, but later, whether I had a meeting in the morning or had a rest at noon, or even at 11 p.m., I received similar harassment calls, which could not be blocked. At most once, I received nearly 20 harassment calls a day. I angrily asked the other party who leaked my personal information, and the other party immediately hung up in vague terms

the most depressing thing is that last week, after our hardware was installed, someone called to ask whether we need soft decoration. They provide boutique home furnishings services. My husband and I looked at each other, depressed while admiring, these sales work is also done too well





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