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Since its establishment, Shuanghu wooden door has unconsciously grown into one of the large-scale high-end wooden door manufacturers in the wooden door industry. In 2018, Shuanghu wooden door has successively won the honors of China's top ten wooden door brands, China's top 30 wooden door brands, dealers' respected brands and so on. In addition, the fast-growing Shuanghu family and marketing performance year by year have surprised many people

what makes Shuanghu wooden door more vigorous in the environment of increasingly fierce industry competition in recent years? Today, let Xiaohu reveal the secret of the rapid growth of Shuanghu wooden door for you

■ brand advantage - establish a word-of-mouth image

only when a brand has a clear positioning, can it make the brand operation long-term and effectively help products stand out from the market competition. However, from a very early time, Shuanghu wooden door has a brand awareness

as a star product of Chongqing Shuanghu suit door Co., Ltd., Shuanghu wooden door is positioned at the white-collar class and develops rapidly under the promotion of strong brand strength and marketing resource integration. After years of brand accumulation, the brand image of Shuanghu wooden door products with high-end atmosphere and excellent quality has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

■ company support - realize the landing of terminals

one hero and three helpers. If the dealer can't get the support of the company, it's difficult for the good idea to become the landing value. What shuanghumen wants to build is a profit model that can be replicated, and it provides six major supports for this: 1 Terminal Si and VI display standards; 2. Exclusive regional rights and interests; 3. Store decoration support; 4. Advertising campaign support; 5. Regular free training; 6. Whole process guidance for opening; Effectively help dealers achieve terminal landing

■ precision marketing - quickly open the market

in this era of digitalization, we always need some theoretical things as support. Through a series of data assessment, Shuanghu wooden door will create personal nanny marketing support for dealers in different regions, that is, through a set of accurate planning system; Two sets of accurate execution forms; Three precise incentive modes; Four accurate customer storage channels; Five marketing methods of precise transaction themes; Effectively help dealers' stores develop smoothly and quickly open the local market

■ store operation - help to improve sales

the operation of a store cannot be separated from the support of the whole team. Shuanghumen has always emphasized that personnel are one of the core competitiveness of dealers. As long as we grasp human resources, we will be half successful. In this regard, Shuanghu wooden door provides a complete set of store operation support in many aspects, such as standard management, team building, salary incentives, customer experience, customer management, etc., to help the rapid development of dealer stores, so as to improve sales

providing dealers with what they need has always been the direction of shuanghumen's continuous efforts. We always believe that as long as we care about every dealer, the enterprise can start a prairie fire and continue to develop. Shuanghu wooden door is also looking forward to the excellent you to join us and develop in a better direction together





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