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If the netizens about to decorate see these blood and tears experience and try to avoid repeating mistakes, how lucky it is

what is decoration experience? It refers to the matters needing attention in decoration summarized by money and blood and tears. If the netizens about to decorate see these blood and tears experience and try to avoid repeating mistakes, how lucky it is

first, "no": you can't transform the structure at will

when decorating, in order to make their own space more and larger, some people will transform the original structure. For example, if you punch holes in a strong wall that bears a large weight, or dismantle the balcony, expand the size of the original doors and windows, and so on, if you are a little careless, it will cause serious consequences such as damage to the bearing wall of the room and imbalance of the bearing proportion. You must have the guidance and permission of professionals before you can dismantle and change the house structure

second "no": the ground cannot be completely marble

in the process of decoration, marble is an element that is often used. It has a very different position in people's hearts, because marble can show noble temperament. However, marble is a very heavy material. If the whole ground is paved with marble, the whole building will be overwhelmed. When it is serious, there will be some accidents. Therefore, this problem should be considered in house decoration. Don't just pursue beauty and ignore safety

the third "no": the toilet room must be waterproof

when decorating the toilet room, a very important task is to do a good job in waterproof. The general practice of netizens is to plug the loopholes on the floor before decorating the bathroom, and then put a few centimeters of water on it for testing. If there is a water leak, it should be repaired and tested again and again until there is no water leak. Only after this work is completed can we start laying the ground. When laying the ground, we must pay attention not to damage the waterproof layer, or arbitrarily change the water supply and drainage system, as well as the heating system. This is a very important item in the house decoration precautions

Fourth "no": there should not be too many ceilings

in order to make their house look more decorated and pursue luxury, many people will have twoorthree floors of ceilings on the ceilings, which is actually very bad. This not only takes up space, but also gives people a very depressed feeling, which runs counter to the previous assumption

fifth "no": don't be afraid to use your favorite color

although using moderate colors on the wall generally won't make mistakes, it also makes your home without your personal characteristics. If you have a favorite color, don't be afraid to use it on the wall at home. As long as these colors are used properly, home will become more energetic

sixth "no": don't ignore windows

generally, families with floating windows will choose to put decorations such as quilts and blankets on the floating windows. What I want to say here is that the sheets and blankets are for beds, not windows. Window decorations not only represent the end of a room decoration, they are as important to a room as jewelry is to a woman. Besides painting, window decoration is the easiest and cheapest way to change the look and feel of the whole room. There is a good rule to remember: hang the curtain 5 cm above the window frame. If your ceiling is high, hang the curtain from the top to the ground to make the space appear larger. Of course, you can also simply hang a small linen Roman curtain to block the light

seventh "no": don't ignore the late furniture collocation

the home environment is a system, and its effect is to coordinate all elements within a visual range, so as to get a perfect interpretation. Furniture is generally selected by the owner after decoration, but because the owner lacks relevant professional knowledge in home style and furniture modeling, it is easy to cause a serious disconnect between the selected furniture and the overall home decoration style. There are countless cases of this kind. When choosing furniture, I didn't have the consciousness of matching, and I didn't regret it until I bought the whole set and put it on

eighth "no": don't pursue luxury too much

home is a place where people live, and it should be based on comfort. Some people like luxury style, but if this style is not well grasped, it is easy to make the whole family become pompous, so that the feeling of home is no longer warm, but a sense of alienation. Therefore, the effect of excessive pursuit of luxury is not ideal. Only by grasping the degree of luxury, can the home be more beautiful and comfortable

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