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When purchasing cabinets, in addition to considering the materials of door panels and countertops and the pattern of your kitchen, you should also consider whether you want to add some more popular accessories in the cabinets, so that your kitchen will not fall behind in a few years

when purchasing cabinets, we should not only consider the materials of door panels and countertops, the pattern of our kitchen, but also consider whether we should add some popular accessories to the cabinets, so that our kitchen will not fall behind in a few years

drawer partition frame

the storage tank partition accessories used in the drawer can not only accommodate multiple storage tanks so that they are in their respective positions, but also have enough space to classify and place other items

upper and lower glass sliding doors

the upper and lower glass sliding doors are used in the middle cabinet to make the kitchen items retract freely. Beautiful objects can be displayed, and other things can be prevented from dust by blocking the glass

concave drawer basket

the cabinet space under the sink is large, but the utilization rate of empty chamber is often not high, because there are pipes, it is not convenient to put shelves. If you want to stack things orderly, you should use this concave drawer basket. The concave mouth avoids the pipes, and the wide drawer makes it more convenient to take things

the garbage can beside the sink

the vegetable leaves and nuts that are thrown away with washing are put into the garbage can beside the sink by hand, which is hygienic and not easy to taste. The shape is consistent with the feeling of double slots, and has become a bright spot on the table

hanging wine bottle cabinet

the suitable way to store wine is to place it horizontally. For alcoholics, such a hanging wine cabinet hanging on the wall makes the storage of fine wine safe and beautiful, and easy to take, which has a feeling of a rural manor

pull the tap

when cooking, you need to add some water temporarily. You don't need to take a bowl to receive water. Directly pull the pull-out tap to the front of the pot and add as much as you want. If the sink is close to the window, the whole faucet can be bent to avoid when opening and closing the window, which is suitable for small space kitchens





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