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Yudu, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, is known as the "mother of six counties" and the "exchange between Fujian, Guangdong and Hunan"

Yudu county is the starting point of the long march of the Central Red Army,

known as the old revolutionary base,

in recent years, it has not only attracted many tourists from all over the country,

its tourism has also driven economic development, and the economic level of Yudu is rising

in order to better meet the local market,

President Chen inspected many door and window markets and door and window brands.

after many comparisons and considerations,

President Chen decided to join Roland style doors and windows,

and said: raw material selection of Roland style doors and windows,

product quality, service concept and so on are the "leaders" in the industry.

he firmly believes that, Roland style doors and windows will give local citizens a new experience

let the extraordinary stand out from the mediocrity forever

the door and window industry is undergoing profound changes.

Roland windows always believes that it is not only products and technology that need to be changed,

the door and window experience that allows customers to exceed expectations,

creating a pleasant lifestyle for customers

is the original intention of Roland windows along the way

our life has begun to become more and more exquisite,

more and more tasteful,

minimalism goes hand in hand with human consciousness,

in people's continuous creation, selection, and the smooth and bright line and plane combination of

plain ball,

has been silently affecting us,

and is creating a comfortable home living environment for us

every design is a dialogue with nature

every grinding is derived from the pursuit of quality.

strive for the inside, and the quality is obvious.

make comfort increase more than a little

? Ganzhou Yudu exclusive store door

? Ganzhou Yudu exclusive store indoor

? Ganzhou Yudu exclusive store panorama

hot! Hot! Hot


the Roland German style door and window store in Yudu, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province will be grandly opened in October.

there will be many surprises at that time. Please look forward to it





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