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Panjingong, the "power generation glass", refused the temptation of 20million US dollars and insisted on bringing the "power generation glass" back to China

as we all know, with the improvement of scientific and technological level, China has emerged a large number of advanced technologies, some of which have even reached the forefront of world science and technology. For this reason, many countries covet China's scientific research achievements and use some sinister means one after another, especially the United States, which frequently "makes trouble". You know, the progress of science and technology mainly depends on the continuous efforts of scientific researchers. The United States officially attaches importance to this. It often tempts Chinese talents and overseas students with high salaries and social benefits. Therefore, many Chinese scientific researchers choose to join the United States. Of course, the U.S. strategy is not correct. 2.1. The error caused by the incorrect installation of the experimental machine is that the installation of the experimental machine is not level. Many scientists in China are unmoved by the temptation of the U.S. money and choose to contribute to the country. Dr. panjingong is one of them

his research projects are regarded by leaders of the US Congress as "related to the future national energy security of the United States". Therefore, at the end of July 2014, an energy company in the United States offered a high price of $20million to obtain the patent right to use pan Jingong's research results

however, in the view of the United States, what is safe and sound was directly rejected by panjingong. After completing his studies in 2011, panjingong directly chose to bring this technology back to China to make contributions and start his own scientific and technological entrepreneurship in Sichuan. After six years of hard research, this technology was finally successfully applied to practice in 2017, and the cadmium telluride "power generation glass" with the largest monomer area in the world successfully "walked down" from the production line of the company founded by panjingong

2011, panjingong resigned from New Jersey Institute of technology and returned to Sichuan with his core technology

"from a rational point of view, Sichuan can radiate to the five provinces in the southwest, with a huge market and a population equivalent to that of the whole Europe. At the same time, Ya'an Shimian County has the first independent tellurium deposit in China, which is rich in resources."

after returning to China, pan Jingong took root in Sichuan. In addition to being rational in choosing Sichuan in so many provinces in China, the tenacity of Sichuan people moved him even more. "How many Sichuan troops sacrificed for the country and how many excellent scientific and technological workers supported the third tier construction in those years, Sichuan has found the spirit of craftsman and is a good place to settle down and develop the industry."

it can be seen that in Pan Jingong's heart, he is grateful to the heroes who once shed blood for the future of this country. Perhaps it is this kind of sentiment that doomed such an excellent talent as him to return to China after going abroad. "My dream is to build a 'Three Gorges power station' on the wall, which can not only provide long-term stable and reliable energy supply for the new urbanization construction of the country, but also promote the transformation and upgrading of the building materials industry and the glass industry."

panjingong believes that glass curtain walls have been more and more used in modern buildings. Ordinary glass can not be insulated, and even has the defects of light pollution. The scientific research projects he has studied will overcome the 10 points of environmental protection benefits of these organization competitions, significantly improve the physical problems of employees, generate electricity, and broaden energy channels. It is precisely because pan Jingong's scientific research is of great value, not only to foreign countries, but also to China. His team received nearly 50million yuan of financial support from relevant departments in Sichuan Province. In 2015, it was included in the list of high-tech projects related to the major project package of revitalizing the country's core competitiveness, and received a special support fund of up to 159million yuan from the central government

"what I do is what the country needs", panjingong was very pleased

now, with the production, there are too many orders to accept. In the future, once the achievements developed by panjingong's team are popularized, they will benefit mankind or solve the current energy crisis

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