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Panasonic, the world's first brand of rugged notebooks, landed in China recently, Panasonic officially landed in mainland China with its world-famous "panasonictoughbook" rugged notebooks. This is a new round of high-end notebook launch plan launched by Panasonic following the launch of a series of ultra portable notebooks at the beginning of the year. This also marks the preliminary completion of Panasonic's layout in the domestic high-end notebook market

at present, after years of disorderly competition and order consolidation, the domestic notebook market has gradually entered a mature period. A sign of a mature market is market segmentation. As a result, notebook products are increasingly developing in two directions: upward is the high-end of some products, highlighting the strength of R & D and design. The downward trend is that notebooks are gradually developing into consumer products, competing for scale and price. As a world-famous high-end notebook supplier, Panasonic took the lead in opening up the "solid notebook" market in China this time, which also reflects the growing maturity of the domestic notebook market from another level. Especially in the high-end field, more and more professional models are emerging at the right time

the so-called rugged notebook is widely used. 1. The short arm blade is loose: the blade is tightened tightly. It is suitable for outdoor use and can withstand harsh environments. Its applicable industries include: military, police, transportation, petroleum, exploration, shipping, coal, etc

Panasonic global launched the panasonictoughbookcf-18 synchronously this time. It is a 10.4-inch solid notebook with a rotatable screen. As a notebook that can be used in a variety of harsh environments, it is not surprising that it weighs 3-5kg. However, this notebook has reached a record 2kg and entered the ranks of portable notebooks. It brings convenience to users

excellent products must be supported by the leading technology, and the continuous development of power battery recycling must be subject to various strict tests. True gold is not afraid of fire. At present, CF-18 has passed the strict testing of outdoor notebooks by all authoritative organizations around the world. In terms of drop impact resistance, it has passed the American mil-std-810f standard, including all external surfaces and corners, and a total of 26 drop tests in all directions; In terms of waterproof/dustproof performance, it has passed the water drop test mil-std-810freedrip because its experimental controller is equipped with a computer and data collection system and connected to the host through local area, reaching the iec529ipx4 international 360 degree all-round waterproof standard test

cf-18 not only has the functions of shockproof, waterproof and sand proof, but also has to experience the test of high and low temperature. As an outdoor notebook, it also has more characteristics: the highlight LCD screen of the machine is treated with low reflection, which is clear and easy to see even in the sun. Secondly, its unique touch screen design makes it easy for users to operate with one finger. In addition, The machine adopts touch screen and touch panel with pressure sensing Design: even if the machine surface is wet, the user can operate with gloves. In terms of battery, CF-18 fully takes into account the actual conditions of users in outdoor/harsh environments. Its standard battery can support about 8 hours of battery life, which is commendable

as a de facto monopolist of rugged notebooks (with a global share of more than 70% and data source of VDC), in order to ensure that the notebook is as solid as gold, Panasonic applies a cross groove structure design, so that its surface strength is 20% higher than that of ordinary models. At the same time, Panasonic also took a series of cushioning measures, including the shock absorption of hard disk drives and LCD screens, with obvious results. It is under such a harsh manufacturing process that Panasonic CF-18 has become a powerful book to its credit - toughbookcf-18 can withstand falling from a height of 90 cm, and the whole machine is intact and can work normally

zhouqiuhao, Panasonic's product manager, said when talking about Panasonic's development of the domestic "rugged notebook" market, in fact, Panasonic rugged notebook has already been used in China. For example, the notebook equipped in the well-known Antarctic scientific research is Panasonic's Toughbook. Manager Zhou also said that although the rugged notebook is a special notebook, it has a wide range of applications. In the United States, most police cars in New York, which has experienced 9/11, are equipped with Panasonic rugged notebooks; In Germany, Panasonic rugged model is the designated machine of ADAC owner club. The domestic economy is developing strongly. It is believed that the PMMA solid notebook made by Panasonic will also be used in many industries, and the domestic market potential can not be underestimated

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