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The pain of the tobacco industry new opportunities for the packaging industry in the Framework Convention on tobacco control, the packaging provisions prohibit the use of words such as "low tar", "light taste", "ultra light taste" or "soft" on cigarette packs, and also rotate the use of large, clear, eye-catching and clear health warnings on cigarette packs. The new health alarm torque measurement range words, such as those introduced by the European Union and many countries, have made the shelves in a chaotic situation: consumers see the newly designed cigarette packs, and many brands have changed their image. However, packaging designers have realized that new opportunities are brewing behind these unexpected chaos

the pain of the tobacco industry

in the process of promoting the Framework Convention on tobacco control, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and other countries with little dependence on tobacco strongly advocate adopting more stringent tobacco control measures. In terms of tobacco health warnings, they proposed that the words "low nicotine", "light flavor", "very light flavor" and "soft" or words with similar effects should not be used on the packaging of cigarettes to avoid the suspicion of luring consumers; On the packaging of cigarettes, warnings of no less than 20% of the total area are required, and some prefer that the warning area must account for more than 50%

many countries in the world have enforced the provisions on Printing warning patterns on cigarette packaging. Canada was the first country to implement such a regulation. Canada's tobacco control measures have been very strict, and it took the lead in using color pictures of diseases caused by smoking on cigarette packaging boxes, hoping that smokers would be vigilant and quit smoking. The federal government has published a variety of color pictures, including pictures of lung cancer and oral cancer, which are frightening. Cigarette manufacturers may choose one of the designs published by the government to be printed on cigarette packs

the new rules will force tobacconists to make many changes. First of all, tobacconists need to change the packaging of cigarette packs. New cigarette warnings will be added to cigarette packs. Cigarette packs need to be designed to meet the needs of policies. According to the area occupied by the new health warnings, the space left for the brand name on the cigarette box has been very limited. How to continue the influence of the brand will be a great challenge for tobacconists

for tobacconists, the change of packaging means that the integrity and publicity of the brand will be greatly affected. This is because the cigarette case is a tool for the tobacconists to communicate directly with the smokers, while the packaging is the specific carrier of the brand. The establishment of the existing brand image has been imperceptibly influenced for a long time, and the new rules have damaged the design and thinking of the original brand pattern, which has had a certain impact on the brand cognition of the smokers. The essence of tobacco sales is to sell brands, so as to maintain customers' loyalty to brands and win back customers from competitive brands. This regulation will cause some brands to lose part of their market share due to changes in their image

secondly, some tobacconists need to change the names of some brands. At present, the words "low tar", "light taste", "super light taste" or "soft" are widely used on some brand cigarette boxes. Since the World Health Organization believes that these words will mislead smokers into thinking that these brands of cigarettes will be healthier, the use of these words is prohibited. This will make the brand value of the products with "soft" words originally created by tobacconists lose. For example, Japan's "soft Seven Star" brand is popular all over the world, and its brand value is very high. The removal of the word "soft" has greatly affected consumers' perception of the brand. In fact, the EU has already implemented this ban. Tobacconists were forced to stop using these words and take other ways to distinguish these products. For example, British American Tobacco Germany has used red and silver lotteries to replace filter lotteries and light flavor lotteries

again, all these packaging changes have greatly increased the cost of tobacconists. Tobacconists need to redesign new packaging, and often need to design packaging with different warning signs according to regulations, which makes the design cost double. In addition, in order to reduce the negative impact of product image caused by the expansion of tobacco warnings, tobacconists need to use a variety of new materials to highlight the brand image, which has increased the cost of packaging materials

packaging industry: new ideas and new opportunities

however, this is undoubtedly a good thing for the packaging industry. Because the replacement of packaging, especially the requirement to place different health warnings in turn, will bring more business to the packaging industry. Moreover, the new design needs new materials and new processes, which promotes the development of relevant parts. Changes in tobacco enterprises have led to changes in packaging enterprises, providing new opportunities for enterprises that are good at seizing opportunities

facing the new challenges faced by tobacconists, the packaging industry provides solutions from three aspects

one aspect of the solution is the shape of the package and the use of new materials. Cigarette packaging experts constantly seek new strategies and find some more creative solutions

they have made a series of innovations: for example, they have introduced new materials such as recyclable plastic or metal boxes, new printing methods such as using special decoration or hot aluminum foil, special ink such as high brightness metal texture or phosphorescent ink, printing film, and attractive anti-counterfeiting results, such as holograms or knife cut edges of cigarette boxes, which have changed the shape of cigarette boxes and more attracted the attention of smokers

it is a challenge for cigarette packaging designers to create novel eye-catching cigarette boxes. Some new solutions have emerged, such as the oval packaging used in the merit and Weishi brands, the cigarette case with sliding switch used in the Renault brand, the lid with edges and corners, "double outer packaging" or the button switch like the lottery brand

in addition, more exotic octagonal cigarette packs can be seen in the international market. For example, in Kazakhstan, the British manufacturer Galah used beveled edges and high-quality thin edge aluminum foil cigarette packs on its sobranie brand

even the world's top cigarette manufacturer, Philip Morris, has used the strategy of changing the shape of cigarette boxes in its brands to improve its image. The light flavor Marlboro brand launched by Philip Morris in the Korean market uses rounded packaging

on the other hand, the solution is to weaken the impact of these warnings on the brand image of cigarettes by designing the position of the picture of health warnings on the cigarette box

packaging designers are actively studying the loopholes of rules to explore solutions to minimize the impact of health warnings. For example, the European Union does not restrict that health warnings must be placed at the bottom of cigarette packs. Therefore, the designer suggests that they should be placed in the cigarette case 2. Before use, the circuit must be checked, and the 380 V power supply, 220V power supply, industrial control motor source, printing motor source, display power supply and computer main motor source should be connected in sequence. After preheating for 30 minutes, they should fall behind the top of the working state or even turn the warning upside down. The health warning can also be rotated 90 degrees. In addition, it is also proposed to redesign the cigarette case and put the brand name in a bold black box, just like a health warning. Another way is to mislead information. For example, put the warning "smoking is fatal" into a picture of a chimney or traffic jam

the third scheme is to design a cigarette case cover that can cover the disgusting health warnings on the cigarette case. Dr. Jung of the German company has developed similar products. Similar products can be found in the Canadian market. For example, the company used cigarette case covers with pictures of famous people warning that smoking can kill the spirit of innovation to cover up health warnings

the company provides more than 120 different designs of packages, and also sells some cigarette cases with non stimulating patterns, such as the cigarette case cases of the twelve palaces. It is said that 5million copies of the product have been sold since its launch in october2003. Seeing such good results, other companies began to adopt similar solutions

therefore, the world of cigarette packaging is more colorful, and even more exciting due to the chaotic situation that began to appear on the shelves

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attach the relevant provisions of the Framework Convention on tobacco control

packaging and labeling of tobacco products

1 Each party shall, within three years after the entry into force of this Convention for that party, adopt and implement effective measures in accordance with its national laws to ensure that:

(a) the packaging and labelling of tobacco products shall not promote a tobacco product by any means that is false, misleading, deceptive or that may give a false impression of its characteristics, health effects, hazards or releases, Including any words, descriptions, trademarks, graphics or any other signs that directly or indirectly create a false impression that a tobacco product is less harmful than other tobacco products. It may include the words "low tar", "light taste", "super light taste" or "soft"; And

(b) carry health warnings describing the harmful consequences of tobacco use on each box and unit packaging of tobacco products and any external packaging and labels of such products, and may include other appropriate information. These warnings and information:

(I) shall be approved by the national competent authority,

(II) shall be used in rotation,

(III) shall be large, clear, eye-catching and clear,

(IV) should occupy 50% or more of the main visible part, but not less than 30%,

(V) can take or include the form of pictures or pictograms

2. In addition to the warnings specified in paragraph 1 (b) of this article, each box and unit package of tobacco products and any external package and label of such products shall also contain information on the composition and release of tobacco products as required by the national authorities

3. Each Contracting Party shall provide that the warnings and other written messages specified in paragraphs 1 (b) and 2 of this article shall appear in one or more of its main languages on each box and unit package of tobacco products and on any external packaging and labels of such products

4. For the purposes of this article, the term "external packaging and labelling" in relation to tobacco products shall apply to any packaging and labelling used in the retail sale of tobacco products

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