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Pan Yunhe, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, driven by the continuous rise in commodity prices, said: AI is in a critical period towards 2.0.

the picture shows a keynote report made by academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering at the forum. Photographed by Xiang Jing,

compared with electronic experimental machines, "at present, AI is in a critical period towards 2.0, which is an important juncture for the development of AI." On July 18, pan Yunhe, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said at the artificial intelligence leading innovation and Development Summit Forum held in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province

AI 2.0 is a new generation of AI based on the new information environment and new development goals. "Compared with ai1.0, ai2.0 aims to improve the ability of human intellectual activities and puts forward suggestions for social development such as production, resources and environment." Pan Yunhe said

in July 2017, the State Council issued the development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence, which defined the key theories and technologies of artificial intelligence 2.0 big data intelligence, swarm intelligence, cross media intelligence, and planned the applications of Intelligent City, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent manufacturing, etc. The new generation of artificial intelligence technology has been promoted to a national level

panyunhe said, "the explosion of new social demands such as intelligent medical care and intelligent transportation, the changes in the information environment caused by mobile computing, cloud computing and other technologies, and the great changes in the basis and objectives of artificial intelligence, many industry people told the economic information daily that they are promoting artificial intelligence to a new generation."

in the critical period of AI moving towards 2.0, many new features of AI have emerged, such as the emergence of autonomous intelligent equipment. Panyunhe pointed out that in the industrial assembly line, the manipulator has developed rapidly, but in the field of flexible movement, the development speed of unmanned system is much faster than that of robot

"man machine integration technology oriented hybrid intelligence is also one of the new features of AI 2.0." Panyunhe paid 10 points of attention to the progress of the mtmarion lithium project. He said that wearable devices, human Vehicle Co driving and man-machine collaborative surgery have realized the close coupling between biological intelligence systems and machine intelligence systems. Now, man-machine collaborative technology has been used in surgery and brain surgery

not only in the production field, but also in the future, the application of artificial intelligence will be closer to human life. He pointed out that "the new theory, new technology and new platform of AI 2.0 have strong scalability and permeability. Especially in the critical period of AI 2.0, its development should be combined with the new needs of the society."

taking voice control products close to human beings as an example, he said that at present, voice control hardware products such as smart speakers, smart homes and vehicle navigation emerge in endlessly. Among them, with the help of voice recognition, natural language understanding and other technologies, smart speakers gradually come into human life and help human development

"in the future, artificial intelligence will be an intelligent system integrating human, computer and Internet. On the key node of artificial intelligence 2.0, China's artificial intelligence technology and industry are developing rapidly and are making unstoppable strides." Pan Yunhe said. (end)

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