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Panasonic announced the acquisition of Bayer's medical device business

Panasonic health care holdings, a large Japanese medical device enterprise, announced on June 10 that it would acquire the medical device business of Bayer, a large German pharmaceutical and chemical enterprise. The acquisition object is the blood glucose measurement equipment business, with an acquisition amount of about 138billion yen. In the field of blood glucose measurement equipment business, Bayer's market share ranks third in the world. Panasonic health care will expand its overseas sales through acquisition

the sales volume of Bayer's blood glucose meter business reached more than 120billion yen in 2014. It is expected to complete the acquisition before the end of march2016. Panasonic health care has previously provided Bayer with a blood glucose meter in the form of OEM. Including OEM production, Panasonic's share of related equipment accounts for 50% in Japan and about 20% in the world

in addition to the measured value of blood glucose, Panasonic health care is also involved in pharmaceutical cold storage, electronic cases and other businesses. Panasonic, as the parent company, has sold the equity held by it item by item. In order to improve the security level to the American investment fund Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) during the "1035" period, KKR currently owns 80% equity of Panasonic health care with a thickness difference of up to 10 times

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