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Panoramic analysis of express packaging industry green trend will further raise the threshold

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core tip: Express packaging is a typical midstream industry, and the upstream of the industry is mainly paper, plastic and other basic raw materials, with a large enterprise scale. In the downstream, food, tobacco and alcohol, express delivery, electronic and electrical appliances, and

express packaging are typical midstream industries. In the upstream, basic raw materials such as paper and plastic materials are mainly industries, and the enterprise scale is large. The downstream is the end consumer industries such as food, tobacco and alcohol, express delivery, electronic and electrical appliances, daily chemical products, etc., with a wide range of applications

the express logistics industry is highly concentrated, driving the concentration of the upstream express logistics application materials industry. The downstream customers of express logistics packaging are mainly express companies, whose periodicity is similar to the development trend of the downstream express logistics industry. In recent years, the global express logistics industry has grown rapidly, especially China's express logistics industry. Shandong Star High Tech leaf spring fatigue testing machine for the express logistics packaging industry is mainly used to detect the fatigue life, fatigue strength, endurance fatigue, tensile fatigue It has laid a foundation for the rapid development of mechanical property testing such as zigzag fatigue

scale of express packaging market

according to the statistical data of the State Post Office, China's express business in 2020 will be 2 The design volume of circular pendulums reached 83billion pieces, a year-on-year increase of 30.8%, and the business income reached 875billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.7%

according to the "parcelshippingindex" released by pitneybowes, the volume of express logistics packages in 13 major countries in the world increased from 43billion in 2014 to 87billion in 2018, an increase of 104%, showing a rapid growth trend

at the same time, it is estimated that the total volume of global packages will reach 200billion by 2025. The rapid growth of the global express logistics industry has brought huge market demand for express logistics application materials

express packaging structure

the packaging of China's express industry is still concentrated in six categories: express waybill/express electronic waybill, woven bag, plastic bag, envelope, packaging box (corrugated box) and tape

according to the survey data of the Research Report on the generation characteristics and management status of express packaging waste in China released by the China Environmental Protection Federation, in 2019, plastic packaging express accounted for about 41.1% of the 63.52 billion express deliveries nationwide (including plastic bags, pearlescent bags, woven bags and foam materials)

plastic packaging materials mainly include plastic bag film (excluding pearlescent bag and filled film plastic), woven bag, foam box, pearlescent bag, adhesive tape and filled plastic, among which ordinary plastic bag film accounts for the highest proportion, with the quality accounting for 62.9%, and plastic bag film, plastic woven bag and transparent adhesive tape account for 79%

the average quality of corrugated box express packaging is 329g, including 304g corrugated paper, 16.8g filled film plastic, 2.7g plastic tape, 4.5g waybill paper and 0.22g waste of tape core

according to the calculation of China's industrial information data, under the replacement rate of 30%, there will be a new demand for 7.55 million tons of box board corrugated paper in 2025, and the market demand is huge

source: China Environmental Protection Federation, Soochow securities

competition pattern of express packaging

express logistics packaging industry, with many participants, relatively low market concentration and fierce competition, has not yet formed an enterprise with absolute scale advantage. The entry barriers of express logistics packaging industry mainly include technology, environmental protection, brand reputation, scale and capital

the high concentration of the downstream express industry and the low concentration of the express packaging industry also breed growth opportunities. Enterprises with customer resources, technology and capital advantages will become industry integrators and beneficiaries in the future, and will have the opportunity to further increase market share and enhance industry status through mergers and acquisitions. Therefore, it is easier to regulate express enterprises to use paper express boxes instead of plastic bags and woven bags for express packaging, and the implementation of the plastic restriction order may be smoother

with the continuous development of the industry, enterprises with strong comprehensive strength and large revenue scale stand out, and the market concentration will gradually increase

at present, the main market participants include Fangda Co., Ltd., lawrencepackagingsupplyindustries, Inc., antondebatinggmbh, Guangdong Tianyuan Industrial Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou JiuHeng bar code Co., Ltd., Shenzhen likexin Industry Co., Ltd., Beijing inger bar code technology development Co., Ltd., Shangyue (Shanghai) Printing Co., Ltd., etc

future: the green trend will further raise the threshold

in recent years, traditional packaging products have caused serious environmental pollution problems, and the increased attention has led to industry self-discipline

at present, the recycling rate of non renewable packaging products widely used in the industry is low, and they can only be landfilled, incinerated, or enter rivers, oceans and nature as uncontrolled waste. For example, the overall recovery rate of packaging waste in the express industry is less than 20%, of which the recovery rate of cartons is less than half, and the recovery rate of plastic bags and fillers is almost zero

in recent years, "green, reduced and recyclable" will become the development direction of the packaging industry. This component is called "Dragonfly" to further raise the threshold of express packaging

variable information labels and express bags in express logistics application materials usually have the characteristics of one-off. With the rapid development of the express industry, the consumption of express logistics application materials is also increasing year by year. In order to reduce the impact of express application materials on the environment, the state has successively issued a series of policies

the State Post Office continued to explore and promote the greening of express packaging, and selected 4 major brand enterprises such as SF to carry out green procurement pilot. At the same time, it organized 6 brand enterprises such as Shentong to launch a pilot project to comprehensively replace disposable plastic woven bags with recyclable transfer bags (boxes) according to the fault detection flow chart

with the rapid development of the industry and the gradual improvement of environmental protection requirements, relevant enterprises have also implemented measures to promote the use of environmentally friendly packaging

from 2018 to 2019, many express groups in China have launched green packaging actions, among which: Postal group has completed the distribution of green packaging boxes in 30 provinces and tried biodegradable packaging bags in Beijing and Henan; SF R & D uses bio based material packaging bags and non adhesive cartons, and promotes the use of recyclable transfer bags; Shentong cooperates with Tsinghua University to develop degradable plastic bags; Zhongtong cooperates with a third party to produce green packaging bags for oxidation and microbial double degradation; Rookie R & D uses bio based material packaging bags, non adhesive tape cartons, etc; JD fully promotes biodegradable packaging bags in fresh food business

according to the plan of opinions on further strengthening plastic pollution control, key provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong will pilot the prohibition of disposable plastic packaging. According to the data of 2019, the express business volume of the above provinces and cities totaled 30.586 billion pieces, accounting for 48.17% of the total express business volume in China

according to the timeline of the opinions, non degradable plastics will be banned for express plastic packaging in the above-mentioned key provinces and cities in China by 2022 and by 2025

in addition, the postal administration department will promote the issuance of the industry standard "requirements for limiting excessive packaging in the express industry", further refine the identification basis of excessive packaging in combination with the actual situation of the industry, and will officially launch the special treatment of excessive packaging in April 2021 while strengthening the normal supervision, so as to effectively curb illegal acts such as excessive packaging within one year, and initially build a long-term working mechanism to prevent excessive packaging

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