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The latest developments in the Asian Styrene Market

the closing price of styrene FOB South Korea was USD/ton, and the closing price of CFR China was USD/ton. Affected by the slightly improved demand for PS and ABS, it rebounded by $25/ton. At the beginning of the opening, the interest of the buyer and the seller of the goods stabilized at 850, 870 dollars/ton FOB Korea in July. During the transaction, the buyer's counter-offer was 845 dollars/ton in the second half of June. At the closing, 2000 tons of goods in the second half of June were traded at US $870/ton. After that, the counter-offer also rose to 860 US dollars/ton. CFR will continue to be suspended from the 30th, with the buyer and the seller interested in 860 US dollars/ton CFR China respectively. Downstream, the transaction price of GPPS is USD/ton CFR China/Hong Kong, excluding terminal handling charges. The contract price of pure benzene in the United States in June has been determined to be 300 cents/gallon, and the material standards used in different regions, projects and building heights are also different. Compared with the price in May, it makes the main working piston rise by a certain distance and slide by 70 cents

domestic market: the closing price of Zhangjiagang market is about 8900 yuan/ton, and the closing price of South China market is 9250 yuan/ton - according to CRU research, 9300 yuan/ton, delivery price. Both markets are tight in spot

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