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The latest technology trend of polylactic acid in packaging application (table)

as a biodegradable material, polylactic acid is increasingly favored by developers in the packaging field because of its non-toxic, non irritating, high strength, easy processing and molding, and excellent biocompatibility. In recent years, many new technologies have appeared in the packaging application of polylactic acid. On the basis of literature search, the author screened and sorted out the new technology in this field in recent three years, with a machine weight of 70kg, for the reference of relevant R & D personnel in China. 1、 New technology of using inorganic or non polymer organics as ingredients in preparation

c08k-005/11 [2] organic ingredients using acyclic polycarboxylic acid esters c08k-009/00 [1] using pretreated ingredients c08k-003/40 [1] using glass ingredients c08k-005/20 [1] using carboxylic amide ingredients c08k-007/14 [1] using glass ingredients c08k-009/06 [1] using pretreated silicon containing compounds

II New technology of plastic molding or connection

b29c-045/78 [3] injection molding of plastics - control or adjust the temperature b29c-043/10 [1] balanced press molding of plastics, that is, pressure molding of b29c-043/32 [1] plastics using non rigid components that apply pressure to rigid parts or molds, that is, applying external pressure to make molding materials flow; Equipment used - parts, components or accessories; Auxiliary operation b29c-045/73 [1] injection molded parts Heating or cooling of models of components or accessories b29c-051/22 [1] plastic thermoforming equipment with models or model components that can rotate around the axis b29c-053/06 [1] forming bending lines by pressing or scratching b29c-065/00 [1] joining of plastic prefabricated parts b29c-073/00 [1] finishing of products made of plastic or plastic substances b29c-073/10 [1 not only turning waste into treasure] patch sealing on the surface of products made of plastic or plastic substances b29b-009/00 [1] Molding materials making particles

III. new technologies in containers or their accessories, packaging elements, etc. for the storage or transportation of objects or materials

b65d-025/20 [3] external accessories of rigid or semi-rigid containers b65d-030/10 [2] gunny bags characterized by shape or structure Bag or similar container b65d-065/04 [2] non rectangular wrapping material or flexible cover b65d-071/06 [2] in order to facilitate the use of composite materials in aircraft, the main advantage is to save fuel consumption by reducing weight. For storage or transportation, bundle b65d-085/30 [2] container, packaging element Or package b65d-001/32 [1] container suitable for temporarily deforming with external pressure to discharge the contents b65d-005/08 [1] polygonal section container with end seals formed by folding some parts of the main body inward or stretching a single blank to form a tubular body b65d-005/468 [1] handle in polygonal section container b65d-00. Introduction to investment and financing of carbon fiber and Its Composites 5/56 [1] The lining or internal coating of polygonal section container b65d-005/70 [1] is the insertion cover tongue that provides a pouring out opening, Or components suitable for tearing off b65d-025/00 [1] other types or forms of rigid or semi-rigid container parts b65d-025/14 [1] lining or internal coating b65d-025/36 [1] covering or external coating b65d-033/14 [1] gunny bag or bag suspension device b65d-039/00 [1] sealing parts configured in the neck or in the pouring mouth or discharge mouth, For example, the plug b65d-047/08 [1] has an articulated or hinged seal with a discharge device other than a pump b65d-073/00 [1] a package containing objects fixed on cardboard, sheets, or strips b65d-077/10 [1] a container seal formed after loading b65d-085/34 [1] an object for fruit

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