Latest report on the 5th Qingdao food processing a

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The latest report of the 5th Qingdao food processing and packaging equipment exhibition

as the Spring Festival approaches, our exhibition reservation has also reached a peak. As of January 2008, the exhibition recruitment work of the organizing committee has been carried out for three months. Through our massive publicity work, the exhibition recruitment progress is good and the expected goal has been achieved; At the same time, the invitation of professional visitors has also begun. Through sorting out the professional visitors and purchasing intentions of the previous four exhibitions, 18000 effective professional visitors and tens of thousands of purchasing information have been screened out, providing more opportunities for communication and trade for participating enterprises. At that time, the exhibition will focus on guiding and promoting the visiting professional visitors

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first, as a rapidly developing food machinery exhibition in China, the fifth Qingdao International Food Machinery Exhibition has attracted the attention of the same industry. In addition to domestic cooperation units in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places, foreign food industry (food, food machinery) exhibition organizations have also contacted the Qingdao organizing committee one after another to sign a series of strategic cooperation agreements to support each other and develop together. For example, many researchers in the Far East of Russia have prepared micron nanometer PLGA 3D scaffold International Exhibition Group and Oman omanexpo LLC, etc. they have signed strategic cooperation agreements with the organizing committee respectively, organized overseas exhibitors to participate in Qingdao food machinery exhibition during the 2008 exhibition, and helped overseas enterprises find partners in China, which is a great burden to help Chinese enterprises export their products to all parts of the world and promote the development of international trade, It will be a very rare opportunity for food machinery manufacturers who have export business or want to explore overseas markets to select potential partners and evaluate them, and then provide negotiation opportunities for both parties

2. Recently, the Organizing Committee of the 5th China International Food processing machinery and packaging equipment (Qingdao) exhibition received inscriptions from leaders of Tianjin, Shenyang, Shanxi, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jilin and Changchun food associations; At the same time, I received a congratulatory message from China Russia business (Russia kangpaiyi International Group). In the formal cooperation agreement signed by the two sides, it is agreed that China Russia business (Russia kangpaiyi International Group for the future expansion of the field of micro spherical aluminum powder utilization) will organize a number of Russian food manufacturers to participate in the Qingdao International Food Industry Exhibition at the exhibition next year; At the same time, large overseas trade groups will also be organized to purchase food equipment such as food packaging, flexible packaging, meat processing equipment, etc. the specific purchase list will be announced in March 2008, when the organizing committee will focus on promoting the participation of participating customers

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