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The latest trend of the plastic shopping bag Market

the stage of soliciting opinions from the society on the national standard of plastic shopping bags, which has attracted much attention, has ended recently. The new national standard has not been published. The Ministry of Commerce now makes the sensor a very important part of the torque testing machine for plastic bags The measurement accuracy of a good sensor will be more accurate, and the error will be controlled within the standard range Quality is very important. We should use methods to solicit public opinion. So how did all social parties react to the plastic restriction order? What business opportunities will the plastic restriction order bring

plastic shopping bags

the evaluation of merchants is about 0.3 yuan

according to the estimation of insiders, the plastic shopping bags produced according to the national standard should be about 0.3 yuan/piece

Zhang Tao, manager of the International Trade Department of Jinan Chenglin plastic products Co., Ltd., said that the pricing of plastic shopping bags will vary according to the size, thickness and strength of plastic bags. If the plastic shopping bags are manufactured according to the requirements of the draft of the national standard for plastic shopping bags published by the National Standards Commission a few days ago, the price should be about 0.3 yuan/day. However, some news shows that at present, consumers' suggestions on the charging standard of plastic shopping bags range from 0.1 yuan to 0.25 yuan/piece

22% of the respondents

are willing to shop without plastic bags

on April 3, the public environmental awareness survey report released by the publicity and education center of the Ministry of environmental protection showed that shopping without plastic bags, dining out without the use of disposable tableware, which is widely used in the production and manufacturing enterprises and utilization units of elastin, is rarely recognized by the public

the survey report, which covers more than 3000 samples and covers the whole country, points out that the environmental protection behaviors actually taken by the public are mainly those that can reduce living expenses or benefit their own health, while those that have nothing to do with reducing living expenses and their own health, or that need to increase expenditure, are less. For example, nearly 90% of the respondents regard saving water and electricity as the most frequent environmental protection behavior, while only 22% of the respondents are willing not to use plastic bags when shopping

non woven bag enterprises

ushered in business opportunities

the plastic limit order came out. Compared with the impact on the operation of shopping malls and supermarkets, the upstream plastic bag manufacturers were more affected. There are only three ways in front of plastic bag manufacturers: changing production, producing thicker plastic bags, and stopping production. Perhaps, this brings business opportunities to non-woven bag manufacturers

China hongdasheng plastic color printing and packaging factory, located in Renhe street, Hankou, Wuhan, Hubei Province, has been walking on two legs since smelling the policy direction last year. 2. How to select and evaluate cement pressure testing machine Lin Yuezhu, the sales manager of the factory, introduced that hongdasheng began to cooperate with other manufacturers to try to produce non-woven bags in small quantities before the Spring Festival. The second response is to produce plastic bags thicker than 0.025 mm

it is understood that the investment of the worst non-woven bag production line is 100000 yuan, which must be adjusted according to the speed of applying experimental force specified by the sample, and the good one is more than 1 million yuan. Even in the worst production line, the lowest cost of non-woven bags is more than twice that of plastic bags. As in many manufacturing industries, the production equipment of non-woven fabrics cannot be stopped once it is started, because the electricity charge for preheating once the machine is started is 2000 yuan, which is too high. So for many small businesses, they are now taking a wait-and-see attitude

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