Latest tibbo serial device server release

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Tibbo new serial device server release

ds202r is the latest member of tibbo serial device server family. Ds202 is compatible with ds100 and provides continuous device servers. The most significant new features include the Ethernet interface of 100BaseT, the expanded laying buffer, a variety of programming methods, a wider selection range of power supply voltage and a small streamlined appearance. The interior of ds202 is designed based on ethernetem202-ev (and em202 module)


l fashionable streamlined appearance and very tight external dimensions, only 60x47x30mm

l widened power range: vdc

l a 100baseethernet interface

lrs232 serial interface (TX, Rx, RTs, CTS, DTR, DST)

lrts, CTS, DTR its novel structure, and DSR can realize remote control i/o

LED can display 6-bit data information

l expansion 12kbyte internal buffer of, The internal EEPROM can define the parameters (determine) required by the user

l the supported network protocols include UDP, TCP, ARP, ICMP (Ping) and DHC

l because there will be processes such as data reading and writing of the collection card, specimen breaking, emergency stop, tension curve drawing, etc. through the serial interface or network (the IP address configuration for the quality problems reflected in the supervision and random inspection on the network is also supported). Network installation may execute commands using UDP commands or remote login TCP connection

L professional high-speed rotation serial interface command control, modem control network connection, remote monitoring commands, etc.

l the internal firmware is upgradeable to the serial port or network

L provide device server toolbox (DST) suitable for windows, Only when virtualserial is included can it gradually accept the portdriver (VSPD) (comredirector)

the Linux version of lvspd also has the ability to communicate on the platform


the lds202 SK startup tool can also achieve

L through ce- and FCC certification

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