On the realm of recessive advertising

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Talking about the realm of recessive advertising

recessive advertising, or "embedded advertising", is called "recessive", which mainly refers to that it is hidden in the carrier and integrated with the carrier, which together constitutes a part of the scene that the audience truly feels or perceives through fantasy, and unconsciously reveals the commodity or brand information to the audience (consumers) in the form of non advertising in the unconscious state of the audience. Recessive advertising has universal adaptability. As long as it is handled properly, it can be embedded in any situation and text. Among them, the most common and most interesting is the recessive advertising in film works and TV programs

although recessive advertising has always been known for its low cost and high effect, it should have higher skills in operation, otherwise, it will often backfire. At present, there are some problems in implicit advertising in China, which proves this point

first, the form of the work is single, the content is simple, and the form of expression is not natural enough. Most of them just give the product a chance to meet the audience

take the 2005 Spring Festival gala as an example, in the same sketch "birthday celebration", I saw Sun Tao's dazzling handbag advertisement held in his hand for a long time, and the two real and fake ladies of "Director Wei" who later appeared also mentioned two handbag advertisements of "very Cola" and "nucleic acid" to "birthday celebration", but I didn't expect Guo Da's old skills to repeat in the sketch "Romance", and walked down with the handbag advertisement from the audience, He refused to put it down for a long time

second, recessive advertising is not hidden, too explicit, which is contrary to the starting point of recessive advertising. In 2005, a large number of hidden advertisements appeared in the Spring Festival Gala, which was too obvious. The audience knew what was going on at a glance, and it attracted a lot of scolding. As a result, the 2006 Spring Festival Gala has greatly converged, with a lot less implicit advertising and a lot more implicit. In the film "no thief in the world", in the temple, actor Andy Lau stole a big bag. He opened his travel bag. In the close-up, every one of them was Nokia. Even at the end of the film, Andy Lau died in the interlayer of the train to protect Shagen's 60000 yuan. The camera did not forget to slowly turn from Andy Lau's face to his side

third, the audience is also gradually resistant to implicit advertising. Recessive advertising is to make consumers unconsciously accept the information of products, but at present, some recessive advertising in China can let consumers tell us the economic law at a glance, and it can be seen that XX and XX enterprises are advertising their products. Abrupt, exposed and poor implicit advertisements will make the strong commercial atmosphere destroy the artistry of the whole program and interfere with the audience's appreciation. Once they exceed the audience's tolerance, they will be bored and produce resistance, which is detrimental to film and television programs and corporate image

fourth, the cooperation between film and television and advertising is still primitive, and a formal and perfect system has not been formed. It is imperative to establish professional intermediaries, disclose the supply and demand information of implicit advertising, coordinate the relationship between the supply and demand sides, and provide a convenient and smooth communication channel for the two

the problems existing in implicit advertising have exposed the unbalanced mentality of some media towards this new form of communication in the advertising field, and also exposed the lagging behind of the operation concept of implicit advertising of the three major advertising subjects, enterprises, media and advertising companies

on the one hand, due to the great increase in the breadth and depth of contemporary social media communication, diverse forms and renovations, the audience has been "bombed" and their attention has been greatly distracted; In addition, traditional advertisements mostly take the form of "Wangpo selling melons and boasting", which has made consumers alert, even aesthetic fatigue and "rebellious psychology", so that advertising investment is increasing, but the advertising effect is constantly weakening. Advertisers are eager to find low-cost, effective, close to consumer forms of advertising communication to save the market

on the other hand, recessive advertisements are covert, ingenious, penetrating and cost-effective. Once the two are combined, they will inevitably burst out with infinite impact. For example, the recessive advertisement in the film, as long as the enterprise chooses the right cooperative film and takes the right ride, it is basically a "win-win" cooperation. Enterprises' paranoia about advertising is also fully reflected in the heavy pursuit of implicit advertising. Many enterprises have no scientific research and rational planning for the delivery of implicit advertisements. They just see that other enterprises or other brands have done good results, and they must do their own. Where they can show their faces, they must show their faces. Even without a clear understanding of the internal laws of implicit advertising, they rush for quick success and instant benefits, copy mechanically, and rush into mass action

in addition, due to the interests of the media, they also try their best to introduce advertising and rack their brains to develop the available space. "Today's screenwriters are not thinking about character building, but about how to put more advertisements in the film." This is a complaint that all Hollywood writers often talk about. Professional advertising agencies, fierce competition in the industry, vicious bargain phenomenon is common. In addition, the media and foreign advertising companies have to obey the wishes of advertisers for the survival of the company

the most fundamental thing is the whole economy of our country. This is the impact of the environment of the fourth joint laboratory established by Yinguang group in cooperation with colleges and universities. The advertising industry is in a growing period and its development is imperfect. The operation of domestic recessive advertising is still at the low level of "hard insertion" and "rude appearance", and the realm is not high. What should we do to change this situation

1. Integrate the lines

the product name directly appears in the lines of the film, which is also one of the common means of film implicit advertising. The selected brand or product should be consistent with the plot of the film and television series, and with the identity and personality of the characters in the film. "Forrest Gump" has a classic line: "one of the most beautiful things to see the president of the United States is to drink 'Peng Quan' brand drinks." "Fu Biao" in "a sigh" sent "Zhang Guoli" and "Liu Bei" to the presidential suite in Sanya, Hainan Province. Before leaving, he whispered to "Liu Bei" and said, "use a Jitong card." "Zhang Guoli" called Beijing's wife "Xu Fan" in Sanya, Hainan, and asked about buying a house. "Xu Fan" said: "... European classics are good, but they are too expensive." Because it is closely related to the living conditions of the characters, it will not make people feel abrupt

2, "play a role"

as Baudrillard said, "the product itself is not the primary interest, so we must graft a set of meaning that has no internal connection with the product on the product to sell it." For example, the "meteor diamond ring" in "meteor garden" as the love token of the hero and heroine made the "meteor" series products of Taiwan Jinsheng gold jewelry company complete the turnover of the first quarter within two months

"no thief in the world" is not an action drama, but Feng Xiaogang arranged a thrilling scene for "Great Wall Lubricant": "Liu Ruoying" and "Andy Lau" had a dispute on the car, in which the car lost control, and a large truck opposite roared and approached, with five big characters written on the truck: Great Wall lubricant. Although I feel a little coincidental, the plot of losing control of the car and hiding from the car is also consistent with the emotional conflict between the hero and the heroine. In "big name", the teaser advertisements in the film are impressive. When "Sogou", "Biao donkey", "calcium supplement", "but for the most expensive, not for the best" appear impressively on the screen, familiar brands will appear in the minds of the audience

3. Implicit situation

the success of implicit advertising often depends on the degree of its integration into the situation. Recessive advertising turns advertising from "bombing" to "penetration", creating a natural use situation for products. In 2002, when Sony Ericsson launched a camera capable product, in addition to placing advertisements in traditional media, it also invited a group of staff to let them pretend to be ordinary tourists in several tourist cities in the United States, take this and ask passers-by to take photos for them. In this way, the internal organization of ordinary consumers, which reflects the efficient enterprise management, will be flattened, and the conditional implementers will pay attention to the product and be interested. This kind of implicit advertising is reasonable and makes the audience gain the product experience without awareness. Hire some people to take the initiative to talk with the bar drinkers in the bar, and slowly talk about some drinks,

talk about their advantages as ordinary consumers; Give a sum of money to the doorman of the management building and let them pile up a pile of parcels mailed by the sales company in the lobby; Let mothers take their children to play in a community playground and recommend a new washing brand to other mothers. Give new products to those who guide the trend to establish brand image,

advertising agents often give expensive Cologne Perfume, sneakers and even cars to some fashionable figures in American campuses, nightclubs and performing arts circles for free, which is also a card of implicit marketing

4. Recessive advertising in the form of public welfare can effectively reduce the audience's resistance.

P & G's "Health Education Association" launched a "have you washed your hair today?" The advertising campaign, which tells Chinese people the benefits of washing their hair every day, has a huge momentum, almost making "shampoo" a "national campaign". Finally, we found that it is P & G that makes profits behind sports. Because more than half of the shampoo market share in China is dominated by the three major brands of "P & G". This advertisement with the appearance of public welfare is very successful

5. The selected product should have a certain popularity

before making a purchase decision, consumers will experience a process from receiving information - understanding - memory. For products that have a certain popularity, the audience can complete this process in just a few seconds, while products with low popularity can't be completed only by a short time of appearance. For example, in the sketches performed by Cai Ming and Guo DA at the Spring Festival Gala in 2005, Guo Da carried two paper bags when he came on the stage. One of them could be recognized by the audience at a glance as "Mengniu", while the other unknown product was difficult to recognize. Of course, if the products unfamiliar to the audience can be closely linked with the plot and become props with a high exit rate in the film, it is also effective

6. Pay attention to the extension effect

for example, after inserting trademark patterns and advertisements in the film, businesses hold various publicity activities outside the film to tell the public that "I advertised in this film", so that the public knows that a brand is connected with a famous film, so as to improve the value of the brand, and also confirm the audience's speculation by the way

7. Careful planning

recessive advertising also needs planning and creativity. It is not simply to find a place and simply insert the advertisement or brand at every turn. We should choose the appropriate script or story, or at the screenwriting stage, we should fully consider how the product or brand can be organically combined with the script, so that the product and brand can be cleverly and seamlessly integrated into the script, or even write the script centered on the product, or develop new products centered on the script

China's recessive advertising at this stage is still in its infancy. Although there are many problems, we should also see its comforting side, as well as its huge development potential and space. We should pool our wisdom and make suggestions for the healthy development of recessive advertising, and give full play to the greatest experimental force used in the test of recessive advertising as an advertising form, which should not exceed the test

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