On the road of innovation in printing enterprises

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On October, 2012, he changed the name of the Hong Kong Printing Association and visited local printing enterprises in Taichung. He was deeply moved by the creative vitality. Under the pressure of economic downturn and media transformation, Taichung printers are strong and indomitable, brave to innovate products and services, and are a good example of the transformation of the printing industry

On the morning of October 23, the monthly magazine of the Hong Kong Printing Association came to Xingtai Color Printing Co., Ltd. on Zhongxiao Road, Taichung City, an old company founded in 1945, which has a long history and is always new. Starting from the production of zinc letterpress, the company has gone through many industrial changes along the way. Under the continuous pursuit of excellence, it complies with the impact of the new technology of combining more industry elites to practice high-level new graphene conductive paste materials for water-based lithium batteries, including "made in China" which can improve the energy density of batteries, and has become today's platform for digital management and production. In recent years, it has won the top prize in the fierce competition between the mainland's keyin cup and Taiwan's golden seal award

under the personal guidance of chairman Chen Zhengxiong of Xingtai, we visited various departments of design, photography, plate making, printing and stapling, and also visited the production of imitation paintings. The unreal reproduction of Meike once made it difficult for the original author to distinguish. The 60 meter long underground story map is more colorful than American offset printing, but the format offset printing, especially in the battery of new energy vehicles, cannot be printed. The imitation painting inkjet developed by Xingtai once undertook an export painting of US $1.5 million, with a gross profit of up to 50%

Chen Dong said: the printing industry is entering the second digital revolution after the first digital revolution of DTP and CTP, which is characterized by the change of printing methods and carriers. However, no matter how the industry evolves, Xingtai color printing always adheres to the service tenet of high quality and high efficiency, and constantly pursues the brand leadership of the enterprise! In any aspect of printing, whether it is design, photography, color separation, color modification, or printing and processing, we can have the best communication and exchange with customers, which is the fuel and dedication of Xingtai in the past 60 years

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