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On the revitalization of the development of China's packaging machinery

China's packaging machinery has always been a weak link restricting the development of China's packaging industry, and advanced or large-scale packaging equipment has long relied on imports. In recent years, the annual import of food and packaging equipment is close to 2billion US dollars, almost equal to the total output value of China's packaging machinery in that year. This backward state of packaging machinery is extremely incompatible with China's current status as a major country in the packaging industry. Therefore, only by solving the problem of how to build a powerful packaging machinery country, can we ensure the direction and speed of China's packaging industry from a big packaging country to a powerful country

implement talent strategy

today's advanced packaging machinery all includes the innovation of advanced packaging technology. For example, recently, China has introduced a large number of ultra-high temperature sterilization and cold filling production lines for milk and beverage packaging. Its biggest feature is its process innovation, which leads to fundamental changes in the whole structure of the production line. Therefore, packaging machinery designers must pay great attention to the development of advanced packaging system, deeply study packaging technology, be familiar with the latest research results of new packaging materials, and timely develop advanced packaging production lines suitable for China's national conditions according to the market demand and domestic actual situation

designing high-speed and precision packaging machinery requires designers to have systematic modern design theory and knowledge. However, at present, the curriculum content of mechanical design major in Universities in China is only some preliminary basic knowledge, and its depth and breadth are difficult to meet the above design requirements. The most typical example is that although China has been able to design and manufacture many equipment in the high-speed beer filling line, it still does not design and manufacture high-speed labeling machines for beer bottles. One of the reasons is that Chinese designers have not mastered the dynamic design theory and method of high-speed packaging machinery, and will not solve the dynamic accuracy of the mechanism under high-speed working conditions

packaging machinery widely uses cam linkage mechanism as the most reliable and economical transmission mechanism to realize the given motion parameters, but many designers in China will not independently design and calculate the kinematic and dynamic parameters of cam linkage mechanism according to the working cycle diagram and accuracy requirements, but will only unload the cam linkage parts of foreign prototypes for point by point mapping. Anyone who understands the theory of mechanism knows that even a trace of cam contour coordinate mapping error may lead to tens of percent action error of the actuator. In order to produce more advanced packaging machines of the same kind abroad, some enterprises 6. Tensile bond strength test of synthetic resin lotion sand wall architectural coating (jg/t24 ⑵ 000 synthetic resin lotion sand wall architectural coating); I have to spend a lot of foreign exchange to buy foreign cam contour design software. However, the cad/cam software of cam linkage mechanism developed in China has been able to meet the ability of enterprises to design cam linkage mechanism independently, and has achieved obvious results in some enterprises. However, the designers in most enterprises still lack the theoretical knowledge of modern mechanism. I don't know that this kind of design software has been developed, or I'm reluctant to spend money on it

new packaging machinery is often electromechanical equipment, making full use of the latest achievements of information products. The designers of some Chinese enterprises are not familiar with electronic products and dare not or will not choose them, which greatly limits the improvement of the level of packaging machinery. The most typical example is that many foreign new packaging machines mostly adopt separate transmission, which greatly shortens the transmission chain of the whole machine, greatly simplifies the structure, and greatly improves the working accuracy and speed. One of the key technologies is the synchronization technology of multi motor drive. In fact, it is not difficult to master this technology, but some designers do not understand the development trend of packaging machinery. Another key technology is that a large number of servo drives are used, but the old designers cannot design and select servo mechanisms and their control systems. Advanced packaging machinery adopts a large number of new detection systems to ensure the stable and reliable operation of packaging machinery. But many designers know little about these detection elements

in order to solve the above problems in the development process of China's packaging machinery enterprises. 3. The sliding surface of the inlaid steel plate in contact with the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface of the lining semi crystalline plastic ≤ 0.5% tension should be kept clean, and shorten the gap between China's packaging machinery and foreign advanced packaging machinery in terms of speed, accuracy and reliability, and gradually transition from simple imitation to independent innovative design. First, Short term training on modern design methodology can be provided to designers of existing enterprises. Master modern mechanism theory as soon as possible, learn cad/cam, CAE (finite element and optimization design), reverse engineering, dynamic design, electromechanical integration, ergonomics and other modern technologies, and change the state that many designers cannot design many cam linkage mechanisms, servo mechanisms, advanced control systems, etc. used in high-speed and precision packaging machinery. Secondly, we should call on the Ministry of education to resume the secondary discipline catalogue of cultivating packaging engineering postgraduates as soon as possible, so that relevant schools can cultivate a large number of high-level design talents who meet the urgent needs of current development and master modern design theories and methods, and adjust the existing talent structure. Third, adopt the methods of "going out" and "please come in" to improve the level of existing designers

organize key projects to tackle key problems

most of China's packaging machinery production enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, lacking leading enterprises. Even the larger packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises, because their technical force is mainly busy dealing with the current production, the R & D force and funds are seriously insufficient, so it is difficult to undertake the R & D work of large-scale complete production lines independently. Therefore, it is necessary to first select the advanced packaging machinery with large import volume at present, organize the relevant forces across the country, concentrate the superior forces, digest, absorb and innovate the design. In fact, at present, many scientific research institutes and universities in China have a considerable number of R & D scientific and technological personnel, but most of them lack projects to do. They have considerable modern design knowledge, but lack practical experience in some aspects of packaging machinery. Leaders of modern enterprises should be good at integrating these technical forces at home and abroad to serve their own key research tasks. At present, the popular virtual manufacturing technology in the world has created unprecedented conditions for enterprises to integrate the design and manufacturing forces at home and abroad. The key lies in whether the leaders of enterprises can sort out key research topics suitable for the scientific and technological forces of relevant parties according to the characteristics of the project, and give sufficient guarantee in terms of funds. A large project must be carried out according to the idea of system engineering, and it is best to have personnel with master's level of project management to coordinate, but enterprises generally lack specialized talents in project management

few of the development projects of China's new packaging machinery have been listed in the national catalogue of science and technology research projects. Industry associations should organize relevant enterprises and institutes to form an integrated research mechanism. Give full play to their respective advantages, jointly apply to the competent departments, and strive to obtain more policy and financial support from relevant government departments

the R & D projects of packaging machinery can also be squeezed into the basket of the national top ten key research projects and developed synchronously as their supporting projects. For example, as a major project of deep processing of food and agricultural and sideline products, it must include the development of corresponding advanced packaging systems. Packaging machinery should adopt new materials, heat treatment, surface treatment and other new technologies as far as possible to greatly improve the performance and reliability of products, so that the packaging machinery project can be put into the basket of new material development. Environmental engineering is a major research topic to ensure the sustainable development of Chinese enterprises. New packaging machinery can find its place in this basket

it is the duty of Chinese packaging machinery developers to develop an advanced packaging system suitable for China's national conditions. Completely copying foreign packaging machinery cannot fully meet the needs of China's coordinated economic development. China has a large population, the per capita consumption level is lower than that of developed countries, and there is a large difference between urban and rural areas. The design of packaging system should be based on low price and good quality, and we cannot blindly pursue high-end products. Therefore, it is a problem that our scientific and technological workers must consider to put forward the development subject of advanced packaging machinery suitable for China's national conditions and strive to be included in the national catalogue of key scientific and technological projects

give play to existing advantages to expand market share

make packaging machinery bigger and stronger, and first change the large and comprehensive situation of existing enterprises. Qualified enterprises should choose promising products to be specialized, refined and refined, and become the leading manufacturer of this kind of packaging machinery, so as to drive a number of relevant small and medium-sized enterprises to support it, optimize the industrial structure, and form an industrial chain of optimal configuration of this kind of packaging machinery. Packaging machinery manufacturers with strong technical strength should focus on the packaging production lines that are still heavily imported in China, and develop equipment that can replace imports as soon as possible. From the data of imported packaging machinery in recent years, we can see that high-speed filling production line, sterile packaging production line, packaging machinery, paper and paper products production line and packaging machinery accessories account for a large proportion. China's packaging machinery production enterprises should find an entry point suitable for their own advantages, fully digest and absorb the advantages of foreign equipment, and develop corresponding alternative products

we should vigorously develop specialized production enterprises of supporting equipment suitable for packaging machinery, so that they can produce high-quality and cheap cam mechanisms, servo mechanisms, detection systems, transmission systems, control systems, etc. At present, the production level of electronic, electrical, gas-liquid and mechanical transmission parts in China is far behind that of developed countries, and there is a huge space for development

optimize the allocation of resources worldwide, integrate the ability to supply advanced packaging machinery in complete sets, and change the situation that many packaging machinery manufacturers in China cannot provide complete sets of technical services for the processing of high elastic materials through injection molding. The enterprises in front hope that the packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises can provide the services of "turnkey" projects, which requires that the packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises must have the technical force to undertake the general contracting of projects and the ability to skillfully provide processes and complete sets of equipment supply

on the premise of ensuring quality, Chinese packaging machinery manufacturers should give full play to their advantages of processing cost and convenient maintenance. Improve the reliability of products, improve the appearance quality of products, compete fairly with foreign enterprises in the domestic and foreign markets in terms of performance price ratio, and win a larger market share

packaging machinery manufacturers should constantly upgrade their products, expand varieties, meet the needs of users to produce multiple varieties, achieve multiple functions of one machine, meet the changing needs of packaging forms with the market, and reduce users' operating costs. In addition to giving full play to the advantages of low production costs of Chinese production enterprises, we should also work hard to improve the technical content, adopt modular design ideas, and further reduce production costs, which is an effective and good method being adopted by foreign enterprises

one of the sales strategies of packaging machinery in the United States is to develop the market synchronously with the manufacturers of packaging materials and make use of the strong sales network of packaging material manufacturers

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