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Talking about the quality management of corrugated box enterprises (Part 2)

quality analysis adopts scientific methods

human, machine, material, method and environment are the elements of product quality variation, so any quality problem should analyze and study these five elements. SPC statistical technology is a powerful tool for quality control. Through the calculation and analysis of the production capacity indexes CP and CPK, we can judge the production control capacity, find out the deficiencies and improve them. The current quality management methods, such as mea (failure mode analysis) and six sigma, have also begun to be widely used in domestic enterprises. The process of solving the problem is shown in Figure 2

the solution to the quality problems of carton enterprises should also follow such steps. Although sometimes the solution to the problems is very simple, the institutionalization and standardization of quality management is the basis for the continuous improvement of quality

when the quality control of carton enterprises is specific to the index standard, they should first understand the processing accuracy error range of their own production equipment, such as whether the cutting error of the tile line slitter is ± 1 5mm or ± 1mm, the minimum amount of glue is roughly how many grams, and the requirements of the production process. Only in this way can we be reasonable in quality inspection and control, not only ensuring the quality requirements of the production process, but also controlling the production scrap rate. The process flow of carton making is relatively complex, so the quality control should formulate key positions and carry out quality management control on key positions. The entrance inspection of corrugated base paper should strictly follow the inspection standard; For problems found in production and neglected in inspection, items should be added in practical inspection to ensure the quality of raw materials is the first step of quality control. Quality control should be carried out for the glue making in the corrugated board line. The viscosity and gelatinization temperature of the glue should be tested at least twice a day and recorded in detail. Abnormalities reported in the half year of 2017 should be analyzed and handled in time. The inspection of paperboard size and cutting appearance quality is very critical. Many domestic tile line equipment rely on fine-tuning and inching to ensure the error within the range. Therefore, our quality inspectors are required to test the cardboard of each order. There can be no fluke and quality problems. The inspection of carton printing and slotting forming is also extremely critical. Inspectors are required to carefully inspect not only the patterns and words, but also the size and position. If problems are found, inform the printer captain to adjust in time. For large order cartons, they should be inspected in multiple periods of production. The control points of the next process are: pasting boxes and nailing boxes. The nail distance of the nailing box, the squareness of the carton, and the crow's feet of the carton should be emphatically checked. The finished products of cartons should be handled with strict quality control, not too high to avoid overturning, and the inventory management should be moisture-proof and moisture-proof

an enterprise without quality will have no tomorrow. Good quality is the best salesman of the enterprise. The reason why many world-famous brands have survived for a century is that they rely on excellent product quality

(author/Sun Xuefu, Tianjin Jindong Huaming carton factory)

information source "graceful, the world's largest manufacturer of cathode materials for lithium batteries in corrugated boxes, has finally succeeded in the research and development of the cathode materials project in Jiangmen, 2005, 9

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