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The relationship between consumer demand and packaging standardization (Part 1)

this paper discusses the basic needs of consumers for packaging, analyzes the problems existing in packaging in China, introduces the current situation of packaging in foreign developed countries, and focuses on the requirements of the international organization for Standardization for packaging, especially the problem of "children's safety packaging"

1 consumer demand for consumer goods packaging

consumer goods packaging is an important part of consumer goods, which is closely related to the interests of consumers. With the improvement of people's living standards and the stimulation of commodity competition, the labor input is reduced, and consumers' demand for commodity packaging is also increasing. These requirements mainly include the following aspects:

(it twisted and layered when the max phase was deformed 1) safety

the packaging should be able to protect the personal safety of consumer goods and consumers, and the packaging should be marked with safety precautions related to the handling, storage, opening, use, maintenance, etc. of consumer goods, with eye-catching safety warnings and instructions

(2) hygiene and health

packaging should be able to protect the hygiene of consumer goods and the health of consumers. In particular, the packaging of consumer goods closely related to human health, such as food and cosmetics, has stricter hygienic requirements

(3) applicability and reliability

packaging should protect the contents from the influence of external environmental factors, and be designed to facilitate handling, storage, opening and closing. The size and specification of the package should be suitable for the average consumption rate of consumer goods by consumers, especially to ensure that the contents of the package can be consumed normally within the shelf life of the product, so as to avoid waste

(4) protect the environment

packaging should ensure that consumer goods do not leak outward and pollute the environment, and the post-treatment of packaging materials should also be safe, convenient and feasible, without causing environmental harm. Moreover, waste disposal methods and precautions should be marked on the package to protect the environment

(5) save resources

packaging materials should be recycled and recycled; The package should be designed to be reusable and easy to clean

(6) economy

the packaging cost is as low as possible and economical

2 problems in China's consumer goods packaging market

at present, China's packaging market, especially the sales and packaging of consumer goods, the quality of scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries is also improving, and there are still many problems that are inconsistent with consumer demand:

(1) "white pollution" is serious

data show that China's annual consumption of plastic is more than 6million tons, and the annual consumption of plastic fast food boxes alone is more than 7billion. The "white pollution" caused by these non degradable plastic products directly threatens the living environment of human beings

(2) the hygiene of food packaging is used to study the biological problems such as the brittleness of refractory compounds

when people buy a food, they can know its composition through the label on the packaging, but they cannot know whether the packaging box itself poses a potential threat to human health. Especially with the progress of science and technology and the change of people's lifestyle, packaging that might have been harmless to human health may now cause great harm to human body. For example, the research of a British food science laboratory shows that some dyes in food packaging boxes themselves are not harmful to human health, but if heated by microwave ovens, chemical reactions will occur, and direct contact or diffusion with food will produce pollution, which is harmful to health. In particular, some foods baked in the microwave oven, such as French fries, popcorn, hamburgers, etc., which are deeply loved by children, should be paid more attention

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