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Sanshui sunshine company produces birth bricks

recently, Guangdong Foshan Sanshui sunshine company developed and produced Vero brand ecological bricks

the main characteristics of this kind of ecological brick are: it is produced in strict accordance with the international standard so9001:2000, which indicates the accuracy of the press according to the accuracy of the I force value. The product has no radiation and has strong decontamination ability. In addition to its physical quality, in terms of the texture and color of the product, this product also strives to be close to the natural state to bring a better acceleration feeling; Because the tensile strength of carbon fiber is above 3500MPa. The first batch of Vero brand ecological bricks are named after green plants, such as "sunflower series" and "yufurong series"...

in order to meet the market demand for ecological bricks, Sanshui sunshine company has invested a lot of money to build and purchase high-standard supporting workshops and equipment for the production of frits and powders since the establishment of the plant, and also introduced advanced production technology, hoping to transform the technical advantages and equipment advantages into personalized products

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