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The formation of nanotechnology and the emergence of nano materials in China's nano packaging industry are the three most active frontier research fields in the 20th century, and have made breakthroughs. They are another important milestone in the history of human science and technology development. Their possible impact cannot be overestimated. Nobel laureate nonrer said in a letter to president * * * * "all countries that attached importance to micron technology in the 1950s have made great progress now. Similarly, countries that attach importance to nanotechnology now will achieve rapid development in the 21st century." Amostrong, chief scientist of IBM, pointed out: "just like the information revolution triggered by microelectronics in the 1970s, the cooperation between Nano and BASF is very beneficial for HP, and technology will become the core of scientific and Technological Development in the next century." In the United States, the pattern of plastic granulators heated by coal and natural gas is supplemented. Dai weekly also selected nanotechnology as "one of the ten technologies that are most likely to bring great changes to mankind in the next decade." Therefore, Western Europe, Japan and the United States all unanimously identified nanotechnology as a key research topic to seize the commanding heights in this field. In this international context, the Chinese government has implemented the "863" and "973" national plans, invested a lot of human and material resources in nanotechnology research, and achieved a series of achievements that have attracted world attention, laying a leading position in this field

scientists predict that the nano era will not come long, and its application in the future will far exceed that in the computer industry. Qian Xuesen, a famous scientist in China, said, "nanotechnology will bring a technological revolution, which will lead to another industrial revolution in the 21st century." At present, nanotechnology is widely used in the development of information technology, optics, chemical industry, medicine, energy science, environmental science and automation technology. The global nanotechnology turnover has reached 50billion US dollars. Experts also predict that by 2010, the market capacity of nanotechnology will reach US $1440 billion. Seeing the magic in subtle places, nanotechnology will completely change the current industrial structure and breed huge business opportunities

so far, China has established more than 10 nano material production lines, such as the modification of nano composite plastics, rubber and fibers, the design and application of nano functional (intelligent) materials, and the application and development of nano materials in energy and environmental protection. There are nearly 100 companies registered based on nanotechnology. Entrepreneurs' attention to nano materials and technology has injected new vitality into the formation of the nanotechnology industry. People of insight in China's packaging industry have also established nanotechnology industrialization companies, and nano fumed silica has been applied in papermaking, plastics, photocopying paper, etc; The annual consumption of nano ultrafine calcium carbonate produced by high gravity technology in high-end inks is up to 5000 tons, and it can also be used in papermaking, adhesives, etc; Once nylon 6/clay nano plastic film is put into production, it will generate an output value of 5million yuan

in the field of packaging and printing, there are: nano ink, nano paper, polymer based nanocomposites (pnmc), nano luminescent materials, nano tensile testing machine with 3-wire power plug, anti-bacterial packaging, nano plastic packaging, nano adhesive, nano anti-counterfeiting printing, nano military protective packaging, nano green packaging, nano lithography printing technology, nano magnetic printing, etc

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