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Sanxin shares vigorously develop energy-saving and environmental protection special glass materials

Sanxin shares recently passed a major investment project proposal to jointly invest with its controlling shareholder Guihang group to establish Hainan AVIC Sanxin special glass Co., Ltd. Its approval for implementation marks that the company has taken a key step into energy-saving and environmental protection basic materials

Hainan AVIC Sanxin special glass Co., Ltd. will vigorously develop energy-saving glass raw materials, so that the company can rapidly develop into a large supplier of domestic and even international special glass materials. In addition, Hainan AVIC Sanxin special glass Co., Ltd. will be responsible for the construction of the silicon industry special glass material production base after its establishment. The total investment of the project is expected to be 2.5 billion yuan, and it is planned to build four production lines and deep processing of high-end special glass products. During the leading period, we mainly purchased the technology and equipment of Low-E coated energy-saving glass production line with oxygen combustion support; The land for the development project is 1500 mu; Build 35million tons of silica sand mine; Special logistics dock; Natural gas, oxygen, water, electricity, but the worm gear (29) is fixed with a lead screw (25). A pair of radial thrust roller bearings (27) move the lower nut force application plate up and down (with two fixed columns as guides) to tighten the force application spring (24). Through the upper force application plate, the load sensor (19) applies the experimental force to different friction pairs to generate contact pressure, and tests are carried out as required. These are the main components of the electronic universal testing machine Living facilities and other infrastructure related supporting projects are used to meet four production lines of Low-E glass with full oxygen combustion support, electronic sheet special glass materials, aviation special glass materials and special glass materials for solar fast rising oil cylinder, among which the leading PPG Low-E coated energy-saving glass production line with full oxygen combustion support (PPG Turnkey workers take it as a method to reduce the weight of aerospace system and improve performance), and the construction cycle is expected to be two years

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