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Santai leads the world by launching a full range of PCI Express i/o

SUNIX leads the industry by launching a full range of pciexpressi/o communication cards, which are fully compatible with pciexpress1.0a. Santai has been committed to industrial serial communication interface for more than ten years. Its high-quality and complete isa/pci communication card has won high praise in the global market and has the reputation of "goldencard"; This time, continuing its strong technical strength, it took the lead in launching a full range of pciexpress rs-2322/4/8 port and rs-422/4852/4/8 port pciexpress communication card product lines, providing customers with more efficient and more integrated multiple choices

pciexpress (also known as PCI-E), originally developed by Intel, is regarded as the latest i/o interface to replace PCI to provide higher bandwidth. Pciexpress has a performance bandwidth of 2.5gbs per channel (5gbs in both directions) and 8GBs per second per path; Integrating all kinds of IOS for desktop, mobilecomputing and server, but China has not yet formed a 3D printing material system line application in the field of 3D printing, and it is compatible with existing PCI software; Its most advanced and accurate architecture also has stability, applicability and advanced power management functions. In the next generation of 3d/multimedia applications, it provides the concept of virtual channel and QoS functions, and supports hot plug and innovative design of formfactor smaller than minipci

except 580) this Width=580 "border=0> with the above pciexpress advantages, Santai's product line has multiple added values. It adopts its own icsun1888/sun1889 and passes the Microsoft WHQL certification to further ensure the compatibility of customer development systems; the unique rs-422/485 automatic identification switching circuit function allows users to avoid the problem of 485 signal switching caused by RS-422 or RS friction and wear; and RS-485 data control automatic identification (ArsC) Function, which can use hardware to automatically detect and instantly switch RS-485 communication equipment to the receiving mode, and can easily manage the transmission and reception of RS-485 half duplex communication serial data without software control

sunixpciexpressi/o is the fastest, most complete and most reliable communication card series in the industry at present. It will help traditional and i/o users who want to update their performance, and have a new choice that is more efficient and more widely used when using the experimental machine

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