Current situation of rural power development in Ch

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Current situation of rural power development in China

Abstract: current situation of rural power development in China 1. Basic situation of rural electricity market; 2. Analysis of the main characteristics of rural power market; 3. Main problems

key words: rural power development power market 1 basic situation of rural power market (1) rural power consumption level: since the founding of new China, China's power industry has developed rapidly. In particular, the rural power market is developing very rapidly. At any stage, the average annual growth rate of rural power consumption is higher than the national average level, and the proportion of rural power consumption in the national power consumption increases rapidly. In old China, the development of rural power industry was very slow. From 1915 to the founding of new China in 1949, the annual power consumption in rural China was only 20million kW · h, accounting for 0.58% of the total annual power consumption of the country at that time. The rural power market was almost blank. In the 1950s, although the growth rate of rural electricity consumption was also high, due to the low base, the total growth was not large. In the 1960s and 1970s, the development speed of China's rural power market was the fastest to avoid that all experimental machines would reach the accuracy of 0.5 due to water, which was no problem. During the 20 years from 1958 to 1978, the average annual growth rate of power consumption reached 34%, far higher than the national average level, which was also an amazing development speed in the world. In the 1980s, with the rural reform and the development of rural economy, the demand for electricity increased rapidly. The level of rural power consumption across the country has been further improved. In 1987, rural electricity consumption accounted for 31.5% of the national electricity consumption. Since the 1990s, rural electricity has developed rapidly, especially with the full implementation of the "two reforms and one same price" work in 1998, which has greatly alleviated the constraints of rural electricity supply in short supply, and the rural power market has entered a benign stage of development. (2) Rural power consumption structure: the statistics of rural power consumption are divided into two parts: County, Yunnan provincial Party Secretary Qin Guangrong said, urban and rural, which are collectively referred to as county and below county power consumption. The growth rate of electricity consumption of these two parts is similar, and the proportion changes little. At the end of 2000, the power consumption of the county was 274.77 billion kw · h, accounting for 48.5% of the power consumption of the county and below; Rural electricity consumption is 292.1 billion kw · h, accounting for 51.5% of the electricity consumption at and below the county level. See Table 1. Table 1 proportion time of county and rural power consumption rural/% vibration county/% 1957 100.0-1978 54.0 46.0 1987 49.8 50.2 1997 52.4

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