The hottest Sany A8 mortar master made his debut.

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Sany A8 mortar master debut 32 storey high-rise building efficiency increased by four times

Sany A8 mortar master debut 32 storey high-rise building efficiency increased by four times

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Guide: I heard that the house wall construction adopts a new process, no labor, good quality, and there are few hollowing and cracking phenomena. Wuhan Dongxing village, where the 32 storey Anju building that will be delivered for use soon makes everyone excited, and what makes the villagers feel more fresh is that their future home uses a kind of big mortar called A8

"it is said that the wall construction of the house adopts a new process, which requires no labor, has good quality, and there are few hollows and cracks." Wuhan Dongxing village, where the 32 storey Anju building is about to be delivered for use, makes everyone excited. What is more fresh for the villagers is that their future home uses a kind of equipment called A8 mortar master to finish the wall spraying, "the quality is more guaranteed"

according to the introduction, dongxingzhou village Anju building project is the first construction project in China to complete the construction by using the wet mixed mortar process. The Ministry of Commerce needs to use a constant speed tensile testing machine. During the pre mixed mortar promotion meeting held in Wuhan, it also specially visited the construction site and affirmed the spraying effect of A8

the construction of the project starts in March and the wall mortar construction is completed in May. The project, which originally took more than three months, was completed ahead of schedule in only one month because of the complete set of Sany A8 mortar master equipment, which may set off a landmark revolution in the construction industry

The stunning performance of A8 mortar equipment has been praised by the construction company.

standing on the Bank of the Yangtze River, dongxingzhou village, these two 32 story residential buildings, their wall coating area is equipped with swing frames, which stop without impact and automatically return to zero over 100000 square meters. Under the traditional manual construction mode, 25 people have to be used to complete the construction of the polished wall, which takes about 100 days. Hearing that Sany's latest A8 mortar master complete set of equipment can effectively improve the construction efficiency, the construction party has contacted Wuhan Hengnuo chuangtong company with a try attitude

the construction floor is high and the site is complex. Using machinery for mortar construction faces many challenges. Sany A8 mortar equipment was officially launched in March this year. Whether it can overcome various difficulties and successfully complete the mortar construction, the construction party also muttered at first. However, for A8 mortar equipment to undertake large-scale construction projects for the first time, the equipment suppliers are much more confident. The head of Sany A8 project department in Central China said that Sany had invested a lot in human and material resources to develop this equipment, and after integrating the advanced technology of Putzmeister, Germany, the mortar equipment development team was even stronger. The person in charge said that the A8 equipment has been tested many times before, which can not only ensure the stable operation of pinglai in the field of vehicle power batteries, but also bring absolute surprise to the construction party

soon, the first A8 appeared on the construction site, and all construction personnel were ready. When the first tank of mortar produced in a scientific and reasonable proportion was poured into the mortar pump, the atmosphere at the construction site on the 32nd floor was extremely tense. However, Sany equipment did not disappoint people. The mortar was sprayed smoothly from the nozzle and did not fall off after being put on the wall. In just a few minutes, with the cooperation of the workers, the first wall was quickly sprayed, and the spraying effect was quite gratifying. A8 mortar equipment successfully passed the acceptance and officially undertook the construction of two buildings

from the completion of the first wall painting to the successful completion of the whole project, Sany A8 mortar complete equipment has realized the automation of all construction links from sand screening and transportation, mortar production, short-distance transportation to wall painting. A team of more than ten people completed the construction of the whole project within 30 days with two mortar pumps. The construction efficiency is so high that the construction party is impressed

"as it is the first wet mixing mortar equipment construction project in China, in order to ensure safety, we have correspondingly increased our manpower in all links. In addition, the construction of the project is not fully open. In theory, we can require less manpower and shorter construction period." The staff from Hengnuo chuangtong said

new wet mixed mortar process or new revolution in the industry

people familiar with the mortar industry know that manual coating or dry mixed mortar process spraying construction, due to the poor adsorption of mortar, the mortar falls off seriously after being put on the wall, resulting in a large amount of waste of materials, which has always been a difficult problem to overcome in the process of mortar being put on the wall. In addition, the mortar ratio is unreasonable, and the segregation phenomenon produced in the spraying process is also easy to cause hollowing and cracking of the wall, causing certain hidden dangers to the project quality

how does Sany effectively solve the above two problems while achieving efficient spraying? The answer lies in the proportion of raw materials for mortar production. The groundbreaking wet mixing mortar process adopts a secret high-tech nano material in the mortar production process, which can not only effectively improve the high compressive strength of mortar, but also greatly enhance the adhesion between mortar and mortar, mortar and substrate, avoid the occurrence of segregation, and greatly reduce the material waste caused by mortar falling off and environmental pollution

in order to improve the quality of houses, reduce material waste and reduce environmental pollution, at present, China has fully implemented the prohibition of manual production and mixing of mortar on site, and dry mixing mortar has become a main construction process in recent years. However, the dry mixing process must face an insurmountable problem: the wet sand must be dried at high temperature. This not only greatly increases the production cost of mortar, but also is not conducive to the realization of energy conservation and emission reduction

quality inspection and evaluation standard DBJ 01 (5) 3 (2) 001 for polymer modified asphalt composite tire waterproof coiled material is commendable that while greatly reducing labor, reducing labor intensity, improving construction efficiency, shortening construction period and reducing material waste, the wet mixing process adopted by A8 mortar master effectively avoids this shortcoming of dry mixing process. The wet sand screened from the sand field can be directly put into production after transportation without high-temperature drying, and its development advantage is very significant

in addition, the A8 mortar equipment has taken into account the needs of the construction site at the beginning of its design. It adopts a movable design, with small floor area and convenient disassembly and assembly. The complete set of equipment can be directly stationed on the construction site, which not only completely removes the transportation cost of materials from the traditional mixing plant to the construction site, but also effectively expands the construction coverage of the equipment, thereby improving the utilization rate of the equipment

improve mortar quality, reduce construction costs, shorten construction period, reduce environmental pollution, and promote energy conservation and emission reduction... The use of Sany A8 mortar master is undoubtedly good news for developers, builders, home buyers, and even the whole society

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