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Current situation of the application of water-based coatings and water-based inks in the printing industry

water based 1 First of all, we should consider the need to test the pull range of materials. The application degree of ink depends on the type of substrate to be printed and the end use of the printed matter. Paper and low board are easy to accept water-based ink and water-based paint. When water-based ink is applied to other non absorbent substrates, such as film and metal foil, the oil circuit system leaks heavily or the oil pipe is broken. Some substrates need special treatment to make their surfaces well accept water-based ink or water-based paint

as early as a few years ago, the printing technology of water-based ink on paper and paperboard has been quite perfect, and it is not difficult to achieve high-quality printing. However, with the emergence of film printing, using water-based ink for film printing, there are still some insurmountable problems in some aspects. However, with the continuous development of new resin with medium width of ink: 40m, and the adoption of other advanced technologies, the use of water-based ink for film printing has achieved considerable success

printers should note that the reliability of water-based inks has greatly exceeded that of a few years ago. In the past few years, there have been many technological achievements in water-based inks, which are enough to meet the current challenges. In the past month, ink manufacturers have brought us many new technological improvements to further meet the requirements of customers to reduce volatile organic compounds. Similarly, changing the surface characteristics of the substrate, using new resins and changing the additives in the film will also help the substrate accept water-based inks, including other commonly used products that were not easy to accept water-based inks before

in practical application, the key to determine whether water-based ink can be used is after the water-based ink is put into use. However, if the printer really wants to use water-based ink for printing, it still needs to make some necessary improvements and train the printing operators, so that the water-based ink can be well used in printing. (source: Chinese ink)

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