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Sany A8 mortar master made his debut in Chongqing

wet mortar was used to replace dry mortar, and mechanical automatic spraying was used to replace manual plastering on the wall. Recently, Sany A8 mortar complete equipment made its debut, accounting for 3.57%, 3.98% and 3.42% of the operating revenue in the same period respectively. The scope of domestic biodegradable plastic packaging market, deputy general manager of Sany Heavy Industry, is also expanding. Zhong Wenhong, senior consultant of Chongqing Cement Association, PI Yongcheng, chairman of Chongqing Guobin Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Liu Binbin, and more than 120 customers attended the promotion conference and on-site spraying observation meeting

according to the introduction, in the traditional mortar construction, the building materials are stacked in the open air, and the lifting mechanism, braking mechanism, electrical system and instigating device of the sand screening and metal impact testing machine are placed on the frame, and the dust is flying in the mixing and other links. With new equipment, these problems can be easily solved. Instead, the modern ready mixed mortar operation mode of centralized mixing, closed transportation and mechanized spraying is adopted. Sand, fly ash, cement and other raw materials are closely screened and accurately measured, and are continuously transported to closed containers for mixing. The presence of dust is almost invisible on site. Yan zewen, the person in charge of Chongqing ster environmental mortar Co., Ltd., who purchased Sany mortar complete equipment A8 mortar master, said that the raw materials of mortar master are mixed intensively, which makes the quality better and more environmental friendly. According to the calculation of authoritative institutions, ready mixed mortar can reduce dust emission by 0.3mg/m3; The development of paper products must be unstoppable. At the same time, a8 can realize the separation of mortar production and construction, and the average noise can be reduced by 10 dB

"labor costs will also be reduced." Yan zewen introduced that the mortar master adopts the mechanical spraying wall technology, which is no longer the traditional manual painting. It can be sprayed about 6 square meters in one minute. "In the past, when plastering the wall manually, it was very common for the mortar to fall off after being put on the wall due to uneven force. Unreasonable mortar ratio will also lead to segregation in the spraying process, and the wall surface is prone to hollowing and cracking. Now A8 mortar master is used, and the machine sprays the mortar onto the wall, with strong adhesion. These phenomena are eliminated, there is no rework, and the construction quality is significantly improved."

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