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Sanmu group set up the research center of resin for coatings

Sanmu group set up the research center of resin for coatings

October 8, 2003

Jiangsu Sanmu group recently established the "heart" in the synthesis and application technology and Engineering technology research of resin for coatings in Yixing City, which will greatly enhance the company's science and technology traction development strategy and promote the upgrading of coating raw materials in China

as a large domestic enterprise in the research and manufacturing of synthetic resins for coatings, Sanmu group has made remarkable achievements in recent years. In order to further improve the technological level and competitiveness of the enterprise and speed up the transformation of scientific research achievements into productivity, according to the spirit of the provincial government documents, the company improved the scientific and Technological Development Center and pilot production base, and officially established the research center

the research center is mainly responsible for the research and development of new products and the application of technology. The resin researchers hope to help you! A spokesman from Sanmu group said that the research center will continue to work hard and build, improve the management level and technical level, and absorb a large number of excellent talents in resin synthesis and application at home and abroad, Good low VOC products can be obtained one by one. The daily maintenance of the analysis electronic universal testing machine of Bujian Sida high tech company has become a domestic first-class comprehensive coating tree

grease research base

<4. Maximum stroke: 800mm (excluding gripper) P> Jiangsu Sanmu group is also one of the largest enterprises in China's epoxy resin industry, and has long served as the vice president of China epoxy resin industry association

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