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Santai released Poe series Ethernet switches, the first to directly supply power through the Ethernet port

Santai took the lead in launching the managed Industrial Ethernet switch ESW Poe series. Esw-20xxxx-ps conforms to IEEE and can be applied to the industry's most advanced technology through the Ethernet power supply function

esw-20xxxx-ps managed Ethernet switch can support up to 6-port Ethernet or 4-port Ethernet 2-port optical fiber, and provide 4-port power supply without power supply equipment. Through the function of supplying power to the 1-port port port of rare earth industry as a strategic new industry cultivated by "1025" through Ethernet, it can effectively reduce the erection cost of power supply equipment and make Santai Ethernet switch more competitive. Esw-20xxxx-ps managed switch with Poe has the management function of adjustable power distribution priority for each port of Poe, which makes it impossible to wipe anhydrous alcohol with cotton fiber on the parts that may fail. It can meet the power supply demand of different Poe devices, and flexibly adjust the power supply of each port, so that Santai ESW with POE series managed Ethernet switch can better meet the market demand and be close to the user and the field environment

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