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Sanovi interprets the three steps of 2012 small and medium-sized coating enterprise brand breakthrough

a close look at the development of domestic coating brands, the war of major brands is full of fireworks. In order to win the leading brand position in the industry, the enterprise promotion strategy is full of tricks, and various concept wars, star endorsement wars, enterprise public relations wars, promotion wars, etc. are unprecedented intense. In this smoke free war, many small and medium-sized enterprises have grown rapidly with the development of Internet Web2.0, and continue to develop and mature, with the potential to lead the industry trend

as the experimental machine continues to record, there is no doubt that sanovi Internet integrated communication organization plays a decisive role in the war of interconnection, and is very famous in the home building materials industry. He has planned the marketing planning of coating enterprises such as "bards paint", "Yating low carbon paint", "Huitong health care paint", "Mickey children's paint", which not only promotes the rapid development of the enterprise, but also drives the interconnection reform of the coating industry. Today, sanovi plans to discuss with you the development road of Tu qiluo marketing

first, from the analysis of concept war

the concept war in the paint industry continues. On the market, we can see that all kinds of environmental protection paint, (Chinese paint) health paint, low carbon paint, health care paint, children's paint, wedding paint, space paint, etc. are on sale. Concept war has become one of the core strategies of brand competition in the paint industry. It is observed that three trees have introduced at least five types of concept paint since the brand promotion of the road. Since 2006, they have introduced health paint, and then wedding paint, double happiness paint, God making paint, and now "space paint" and other concept paint. The introduction of various concept paints is unique, attracting attention and triggering consumer demand. In recent years, sankeshu has quickly occupied the paint market

the concept war not only strengthens the function of coatings to a certain extent, but also subdivides the coating market. It can be observed that the children's market has been independent after Heshan Mickey launched professional children's paint. Then, Dulux, Nippon and other international brands have also launched children's paint to carve up the children's market; In addition, Huitong health care paint is the first paint in China to launch health care function. Adding negative oxygen ions has a certain health care function. This paint has attracted wide attention of health care audiences. In less than a year since the launch of Huitong health care paint, there have been various follow-up trends, such as Otis health care paint, to promote the development of health care paint. Following the trend in the industry and the public's deepening understanding of health care paint, Huitong paint enterprises have also been step by step to the public. The brand effect has become prominent and has attracted more and more attention

indeed, the concept war has emerged, mainly because it has grasped the increasingly demanding market consumption psychology and adapted to the needs of consumption. To create a concept paint that meets consumer demand is an enterprise for enterprises. We specially interviewed Zheng long, Secretary General of China synthetic resin supply and Marketing Association, for his sharp sword, which plays a very important role in cutting through thorns and thorns in developing the market

second, from the analysis of star endorsement war

in addition to the concept war, star endorsement is also a common means of promotion strategy for coating enterprises. In recent years, meitushi asked Jiang Wenli to endorse, jialish asked Li Bingbing to endorse, Huitong paint asked Wu Jing to endorse, bards asked Pu Cunxin to endorse, Tailai paint asked Guo Donglin to endorse, desert oasis paint asked Yin Xiangjie to endorse, apple paint asked child star alpha to endorse, atrium paint asked Zhou Haimei to endorse, Fuxiang paint asked Lin Miaoke to endorse. Paint enterprises use the popularity of stars to improve the cognitive rate of new products in the audience, promote product sales, and stabilize their industry position in the competition

Third, from the analysis of public relations war

in recent years, leading paint enterprises are keen on large-scale public relations activities, which has caused the industry to follow suit. Nippon Paint's "coloring for love", Dulux's "let's colors", China Resources paint's "global design culture journey", etc. Large scale public relations activities last for a long period of time, bringing more hype topics to enterprises, continuing to follow up, and establishing the position of industry leader. At present, the larger the public relations campaign in the paint industry, the more the company's strength seems to be reflected. Many coating small and medium-sized enterprises are afraid of the high expenditure of large-scale public relations activities, but they are still eager to try. Various small public relations activities make a big fuss in the target cities, refresh nursing homes, brush kindergartens and other regional public welfare activities, and improve the brand image

IV. development breakthrough road of coating enterprises

although the above-mentioned marketing path has enabled many enterprises to obtain and cite the products of several material suppliers, which have achieved great success. However, with the development in recent years, the strategy that has been adopted has become less attractive, and the publicity effect is becoming more and more limited. The concept war and star endorsement war are also becoming more and more fierce. The industry is following the trend rapidly, and it is more and more difficult for enterprises that have not yet occupied the top position to make breakthroughs. Enterprises with creative concepts and obvious endorsements have turned to public relations marketing. However, under the pressure of social environment and operation, some small and medium-sized enterprises are difficult to pay huge public relations expenses, which makes the development of enterprises stagnate

relatively speaking, the network marketing strategy of coating enterprises is relatively conservative. Enterprises generally oppose alternative communication methods and refuse to use hype to win the attention of the public. The means of enterprise promotion are relatively simple, and the main means are hard advertising, public relations communication and word-of-mouth promotion, with less innovative marketing. In this context, how to find a marketing breakthrough and stand out from a large number of coating enterprises is a major obstacle faced by coating enterprises in 25 industries, including superconducting materials, graphene, liquid metal and so on

since the rise of Weibo, on many Internet social media platforms, relying on text, breakthroughs, videos and other forms of expression, it is a breakthrough path for development to attract audiences through the creative novelty and funny sense of humor of the content, and promote the audience to independently collect, share, discuss and even create the advertising content, so as to trigger public interaction and form a new network marketing mode of viral communication

as we all know, the secrets of Durex in 2011 are the "pregnancy" event interacting with the exercise book and the Durex overshoe event of heavy rain in Beijing on June 23. These two things reflect that creative marketing should have a keen grasp of the relevant vocabulary and the hot spots of the day. If we take interest as the core in the implementation, we can get communication. But supporting marketing promotion is not just telling jokes. It still needs the theory of traditional advertising, solid strategic thinking and clear creative direction

in some aspects, success can be replicated, such as learning others' success path. If you just copy other people's things mechanically, without innovation and change, then you may imitate others and make people laugh. On the marketing road of paint enterprises, continuous exploration, continuous thinking, innovation and creativity are the king

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