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After years of opening, the competition of domestic door and window shopping malls has become more and more intense. Nowadays, the first and second tier shopping malls tend to be full. At the moment when the path sinking has become a normalization strategic policy, the third and fourth tier shopping malls created by urbanization are no longer a blue ocean. In the face of such a heated competition situation, it is more necessary to find the key to open the door and window brand

first of all, recognize the situation and seize the opportunity

door and window companies recognize the market situation is the premise of opening up wasteland shopping malls. Compared with the sword, the faster the speed of the sword, the more we can grasp the rhythm of the game, control the opening situation of the whole game, and then achieve the success of the game. For door and window companies, if they want to seize the market very well, they must fight back quickly. This implores the door and window company to grasp the market information and opening trend in a timely and accurate manner, make corresponding adjustments quickly and flexibly, and then get used to the opening of the market and seize the first opportunity

secondly, precise positioning and clear policies

deepen the understanding of their own internship status, and do a good job in the precise positioning of shopping malls, so as to formulate a more appropriate and efficient opening strategy for Huawei. In the field of sword competition, your sword only needs to accurately stab into the useful part of the opponent. You can score enough and succeed in the competition. For door and window companies, the same is true. You only need to recognize the clear market policy in order to open a more efficient opening strategy, and then accurately and efficiently seize the market opportunity to seize the market share

finally, abide by the conscience to ensure quality

in the process of opening the internship, the door and window company needs to strictly plead for itself. Constantly improve the trial production skills and commercial quality of products, strengthen the innovation of products, and provide high-quality products for consumers, rather than using immoral methods to seize the effect of others, plagiarism, counterfeiting, etc; Don't transfer the competition pressure to consumers. For the sake of the company's own interests and offending the interests of consumers, produce and sell unqualified products. Improving the quality of our products is the key for the company to attract consumers and seize the market. After all, what consumers most value is the quality of products




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