Aesthetic inheritance behind the ingenuity of fash

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Fashion home ethnicraft: the aesthetic heritage behind ingenuity. It has high aesthetic appreciation value. Through exquisite and simple design, it has created a primitive, natural and elegant lifestyle for users

ethnicraft wood, a simple European log furniture brand from Belgium, is the basis for all ethnicraft furniture. Ethnicraft pays attention to environmental protection and ensures that relevant processes such as procurement, product production and sales meet the principle of sustainable development

brand products have a variety of styles, including tree board tables, coffee tables, lamps, tables, stools, benches, wash basins and other decorative items. In addition to interior design products, technicraft also imports other wood or silicified wood products

technicraft takes actions to protect the environment, try to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste. His wood origin is renewable resources. Their teak is java teak recycled from abandoned buildings or artificially planted. Technicraft cooperates with the Indonesian government to strictly adhere to the annual planting of new teak and implement relevant policies to limit the scale and quantity of teak felled every year

nowadays, ethnicraft also includes contemporary styles, which are created by world-renowned designers and emerging design figures. Brand seems to have become synonymous with craft and soul. In a world dominated by mass production and consumption, products created with exquisite craftsmanship and enthusiasm are more popular with the public

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