The hottest cat Carter steel hero reappears in Ame

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Cat ® (Carter) steel hero reappears in America

cat ® (Carter) the heroic demeanor of steel reappears in the United States of America

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towering China, heroes and heroes, and "efficiency" competes with pride. To control cat's magic machine, to maneuver in all directions; Battle on the battlefield and rise in autumn

go hand in hand, splash ink, and compete fiercely. Chen edding, the leader of the four regions, was born with cheers

the journey of honoring America starts in early winter. Set foot in America and overlook the prosperity; Approaching cat, you will realize success

century old quality, meeting Chinese and western, listening to customers' complaints. The smoke of gunpowder is scattered. Looking forward to 2015, those who hold the "effect" will win

on November 9, 2014, the American United Airlines flew 11000 kilometers across the Bering Strait and the Arctic Circle, took off from Beijing for 12 hours, and landed at Chicago O'Hare International Airport, the "Windy City" of Illinois, the United States of America. With the successful passing of the airport border inspection by all the Allied leaders, the cat steel hero's journey of honoring the United States officially started

the alliance leader team participating in the 2014 steel hero glory tour in the United States is composed of the 2014 cat steel hero Championship League - the Allied cat customers and equipment operators, after nearly two months of competition in knowledge and skills on and off the line, with rich experience and excellent operation level, they have overcome difficulties and come to the fore under severe challenges. This competition focusing on "efficiency competition" has attracted wide attention of users and operators at the forefront of China's construction machinery industry all over the country - interesting interaction, wonderful excavator operation technology and knowledge competition, and more intuitive and rich interpretation of fuel efficiency through the new concept of "oil efficiency"; The visit to the headquarters of caterpillar, which was designed for the champion alliance leader, deeply branded the century old innovative process and advanced "efficiency" concept behind cat products in the hearts of the alliance leader

when I look back, it seems that the cat steel hero competition ended yesterday. When the dust settles down and the smoke of gunpowder disappears, let's review the past three months' trials and tribulations through the following wonderful moments' travel notes, as a great gift to welcome the "first year of cat efficiency", so as to provide a treat to all practitioners in the construction machinery industry who have dreams of success

in autumn, the battle for hegemony is raging, and heroes compete for "efficiency"

since August 22, 2014, the cat steel hero competition organized by caterpillar's Global Infrastructure Division has landed in Beijing, Chengdu, Nanchang and Nanjing. Excavator drivers who had previously won the qualification of each station through interaction formed a team through alliance with successful cat customers through trials, and invested in well-designed knowledge and skill competition and on-site interaction; At each race, through online games and interaction, as well as the cat caravan roadshow "hero gas station", the audience can not only visit the shocking competition site, but also draw exquisite gifts at the site to further understand the style of new cat products. The visual effect and competition atmosphere at the event site with the theme of "effectiveness dominates the Jianghu, and wisdom vs. courage" are very popular. In conjunction with the cat magic machine, which is so high in "oil efficiency", a perfect "efficiency" feast has been presented to the construction machinery industry this autumn

cat excavator twisted its "small waist". Have you ever seen this scene

cat D2 excavator maneuvered in the four competition areas of the steel hero competition and was invincible.

"oil efficiency" was the first to win, and the competition was fierce. There were not only various competition links of ingenious design, but also interactive items such as street dance performance, Lala team performance and award-winning interaction. The whole scene was like a large-scale industry "Carnival". What makes the atmosphere of the event constantly warm up is the expert's live speech and new product promotion combined with the competition. As long as the on-site audience carefully absorb the information explained by the on-site experts and participate in the award-winning interaction, they can obtain exquisite prizes. The biggest prize of each competition is the cat global limited edition three defense intelligence - this communication artifact will be intact even if the crawler excavator is pressed. Its very strong and eye-catching shape has also become a hot prize in the lottery of the day. With the emergence of the leaders of the four major competition areas, the rally of the Bank of America is gradually sounding. A user journey of "starting from efficiency, driving by efficiency, winning by efficiency, and finding efficiency footprints" is about to reach a climax

the competition integrates knowledge, interest, interactivity and pioneering spirit, and reaps the praise of the on-site audience. With the extension of this kind of structure and function, we can measure the small displacement reputation.

the glorious moment produced by the leaders of the four competition areas.

the glory ceremony lit up life, and the "effectiveness" era was jubilant all the year round.

on September 25, 2014, the cat steel hero glory ceremony was grandly held at the Nantong proving ground of caterpillar Asia Pacific region. On the day of the event, more than 300 people, including company leaders, cat equipment users, agent partners and industry media, including chenqihua, global vice president of caterpillar and chairman of caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Kristin Girard, manager of global marketing department of caterpillar Global Infrastructure Division, attended the event. The glory ceremony was opened in a very innovative way - another parameter of water vapor volume (WVR) of the league leaders in the four major competition areas. After completing the test of TML and CVCM, the operators were able to drive the excavator to perform on site and write the customer commitment of "cast for you". The whole glory ceremony was kicked off in the excitement and cheers of the audience

the glory ceremony with different themes consists of three chapters: "glory, edge and evolution". The champion leaders of the four regions took the "cat hero gas station" caravan to shine on the stage. The live video and guests reviewed the course of winning the champion of the four regions, and the champion style spread throughout the audience. The biggest fiber strength at the fracture is the zigzag strength. The champion award ceremony was held at the scene. The leaders of the Alliance came on stage in a big cheer and won round-trip tickets to the United States; Subsequently, the grand ceremony also showed the guests the elegant demeanor of cat's new equipment; At the evolution stage, the D2 excavator equipped with cat intelligence entered the stage through the darkness under the "blind" operation of the driver, and conducted "human-computer interaction" with the main leaders of caterpillar - jointly opening the "efficiency" era of cat

the glory ceremony opened the chapter of "glory, edge and evolution" with heroic spirit, and the "effective era" opened the next page of


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