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Casting world-renowned high-quality projects, creating a precedent for full localization

XJ Group provided complete sets of DC control and protection equipment for 3400 exhibitors' station projects whose kaolin back-to-back converter has developed to 2017

, The northeast North China liangaoling back-to-back converter station project was rechecked for reaching the standard and putting into operation. Through the inspection of the project safety, quality, archival data and on-site physical objects, the experts of the expert group agreed and recommended it as a standard production project

the kaolin project has passed the acceptance of up to standard commissioning project, which marks that the construction, operation and equipment manufacturing level of China's DC project has entered the world advanced level, and that the production and manufacturing level of XJ Group's fully localized DC transmission control and protection system and converter valve has entered the world advanced level

behind the great success, there are moving stories

treat it strictly as the third UHV

"treat the Gaoling Back-to-Back Converter Station project strictly as the third UHV!" Lifusheng, the general director of the project, gave important instructions. The background of this instruction is: on August 14, 2006, XJ received the contract signing notice from the state-owned company - in the competitive negotiation of the northeast North China liangaoling back-to-back converter station project, XJ Group won the bid for the project with a full set of DC control and protection equipment and a unit of converter valve equipment

Gaoling project is the fifth domestic DC transmission project developed by XJ to provide a complete set of DC control and protection system for back-to-back DC transmission project after Lingbao project. Its implementation will greatly accelerate the pace of localization of DC transmission equipment; In Guiyang Guangzhou second circuit EHV DC transmission project, XJ realized the integrated supply of converter valve and control and protection core equipment for the first time. In Gaoling project, XJ realized the integration of converter valve and control and protection equipment again, which will further consolidate the localization achievements already made and is of great significance to enhance the core competitiveness of the domestic power equipment industry. XJ won the bid in Gaoling project, which shows the comprehensive advantages of XJ Group in DC transmission technology and services, and the support of State Grid Corporation of China for the localization of DC transmission in China, especially its full trust in XJ

according to the contract requirements, from the signing of the contract on August 18, 2006 to the delivery of the equipment on June 30, 2007, the manufacturing time of XJ DC control and protection equipment in the factory is only 10 months

although the construction period is tight, the task is heavy, the requirements are high, and the project is of great significance, XJ people never live up to their expectations

hang the cloud sail! Jicanghai! XJ Group made great efforts to carry out actions: on August 22, 2006, XJ Electric Co., Ltd. held the kick-off meeting of "control and protection part of 500kV northeast North China liangaoling back-to-back converter station project", announcing that the supply task of control and protection equipment for Gaoling project was officially started; On August 28, the group company held the kick-off meeting of kaolin back-to-back DC project. The group has formulated the implementation plan of kaolin project planning, established the project leading group and project headquarters, and formulated the design and production milestone plan of control and protection system and converter valve equipment, which has laid a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of kaolin project

On December 23, 2006, the northeast North China Liangao DC back-to-back project, a national key project and the largest DC link project in the world, was officially started in Huludao City, Liaoning Province. Zhengbaosen, deputy general manager of the State Grid Corporation of China, particularly mentioned the enthusiasm of XJ Group for the kaolin project at the conference, and especially highly appreciated and fully affirmed that President wangjinian personally led the team to participate in the commencement ceremony

XJ has devoted more efforts to the kaolin project. On the morning of August 28th, 2007, XJ Electric's DC transmission system department reported that the Gaoling project control and protection project was officially accepted by the State Power Corporation of China and the electric power academy of China! So far, Xuji elites who have been busy for more than 2 months during the engineering test can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The pilot project involves more than 20 major events and more than 300 minor events. The time is tight and the task is heavy. You can see the bright lights in the West Electronics Building every night; Because of the high requirements, we can see the busy figure of debugging personnel every weekend. On the test-bed of kaolin project, huanghaoran from HMI Engineering Department had a simple working meal at noon and then went on working after lying on the table for a while; Caosen, haojunfang, zhangzibiao, Zhou Peng, Wang Wei and other comrades just ate a simple working meal and immediately put into a busy experiment...

Xuji people worked hard and fought hard, and finally achieved a bright future: wipe the bottom of the box with a towel on January 3, 2008, The real-time digital simulation (RTDS) Laboratory of China DC engineering construction corporation organized a joint test review meeting for the secondary system of the northeast North China Liangao back-to-back DC project. The experts attending the meeting agreed that the test content was comprehensive and the test items were fine. Through this test, the functions of the secondary system equipment met the requirements of the functional specification and were ready for delivery to the site for installation - for the success of the Beijing test, The technical personnel of DC transmission department continue to carry forward the fighting spirit of in plant test and persist in the continuous battle of "five plus two" and "white plus black"! At this time, some of them were newly married and some had just become fathers. No matter how much they missed their newly married wife or their crying children, they could only return to Xuchang once a month or more. Even Dr. mayulong, who was in charge of the experiment at the National Corporation, often rushed home on the last subway

it is our persistent efforts to overcome difficulties that have made the history of XJ electric DC transmission system department: the control and protection equipment of kaolin project, from hardware manufacturing, software design, factory test to field test, are independently developed and designed by XJ, and do not need the support of foreigners at all. In addition, under the leadership of the group leaders, the technical personnel solved the technical problems that the electric subsynchronous oscillation may cause harm to the unit operation of Suizhong Power Plant, the coordinated control of multiple back-to-back units, the interface and control of the converter valves of the two technologies, and the control strategy of the back-to-back wiring mode of single side 12 pulse converter neutral point grounding, which is the first in the history of China's DC transmission projects, There is no precedent in the world. All this marks that Gaoling project HVDC control and protection technology has officially entered the process of full localization

work hard to create a perfect industry record

on January 15, 2008, 37 kaolin engineering control and protection screens were successfully sent from the national real-time digital simulation (RTDS) Laboratory of DC and DC engineering to kaolin converter station

"firmly grasp the opportunity of kaolin project and build XJ DC transmission into a first-class international brand!" For the smooth operation of kaolin project, President Lifusheng participated in the project coordination meetings for many times during the project design, equipment test, on-site installation and commissioning and operation, and earnestly encouraged everyone

the difficult on-site conditions of kaolin 1. First of all, we should understand that it is difficult for people to imagine: for the convenience of work, XJ commissioning personnel rent houses in nearby farmers' homes. It is cold in North China, and they shiver at night; In farmers' homes, they often can't even solve the problem of eating. They go to Gaoling town every half month to buy enough instant noodles at one time. However, the most difficult thing was in the later system commissioning stage. Because everyone was doing experiments all night, they often just finished the cooked instant noodles and went straight to the construction site at dawn

although the conditions are extremely difficult, our on-site commissioning personnel have never been off duty for one day. During this period, the most emphasized words of the company leaders are: "no matter how tight the construction period and how difficult the conditions are, we must ensure the quality." In the early stage of installing the converter valve, jiayanling, an engineer of XJ flexible power transmission company, did not sleep for 48 hours in a row in order to rush the construction period. The personnel of the installation company and the owner were moved to tears. Jia Gong is just an epitome of the dedication of many on-site commissioning personnel

November 25th, 2008 is a special and memorable day for XJ people: the kaolin project has been completed and put into operation! After 168 hours of trial operation, the practice has proved that the technical indicators of the HV DC control and protection system and converter valve equipment developed by XJ fully meet the requirements for the formal operation of Gaoling Back-to-Back Converter Station project

what's more valuable is that based on the reliability of the product, the user asked the company's quality assurance engineer to return to XJ when the control and protection system of XJ was commissioned for less than one month. This set of control system protection system independently developed by XJ has created an exciting miracle: in the past, there were some failures due to equipment problems in all DC projects in the charge of foreigners or in the cooperation between domestic manufacturers and foreigners. Since the completion and operation of the kaolin project, there has been no failure or trip due to the problems of XJ equipment

with first-class products and high-quality services, XJ has won full affirmation and high praise from leaders of State Grid Corporation of China and engineering construction, installation, supervision and other units. Experts from the construction and operation Department of State Power Corporation of China, state power dispatching and communication center, state direct current Engineering Construction Co., Ltd., State Operation Co., Ltd., Beijing liandc Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., China Electric Power Research Institute and other units agreed that compared with Lingbao project, the first DC back-to-back project in China, the DC transmission control and protection system developed by XJ has achieved a qualitative leap, XJ has become the most complete supplier of primary and secondary equipment for DC projects in China. State Grid Corporation of China also hopes to continue close cooperation with XJ, accelerate the digestion and absorption of foreign DC transmission core technologies, continuously strengthen technological innovation, and make greater contributions to the national power industry while expanding and strengthening domestic first-class DC transmission enterprises

Gaoling Back-to-Back DC transmission project has been officially put into operation. It is not only XJ's first set of fully autonomous 500000 V EHV control and protection system, but also a sign that XJ's EHV DC control and protection has entered the country. It also provides a guarantee for the construction of 1million V AC UHV! It is precisely based on the good performance and reliable operation of XJ DC control and protection system and converter valve equipment that has strengthened the confidence and determination of leading Canadian cm consulting company in its report entitled "recycling of plastic shopping bags and other PE films" to accelerate the launch of phase II and phase III expansion projects of Gaoling

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