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Motorola adopts the case study of open PLM

with the trend of globalization, manufacturers have faced global market competition, global manufacturing division of labor, and the transformation of products from a small number of samples to a small number of diverse business models, which has driven the global industrial environment into an era of fierce competition with shortened space-time gap and rapid changes. Under the impact of this drastic change in competition mode, enterprise managers must strive to improve the operating efficiency of enterprises and face the dilemma of low gross profit brought about by global competition in an effective cost down way

founded in 1928, Motorola, an international manufacturer with "technological innovation" as its core business philosophy, is still faced with the challenge of first-class manufacturers such as Nokia and Samsung in the global market in the torrent of fierce global competition. In this competitive situation, Motorola must achieve a business growth rate of 15~20% every year in order to maintain its market share

in order to explore Motorola's successful enterprise reform model, the author went to Motorola University in the spring of 2007 to participate in a technical seminar hosted by ARAS, brought back concepts and practices worthy of learning by Taiwan enterprises, and shared the beneficial conditions affecting China's extruder industry in foreign trade and export. Many Motorola how to use the concept of technological innovation, Successful experience and practice of importing information system ARAS open PLM

Enterprise Challenge - sustained business high growth

motorola's project leader said that under the situation of global competition, Motorola is aware that today's product demand patterns have tended to a small number of diversified (high mix, low volume) project development. Driven by this trend, the current enterprise has faced several very important bottlenecks:

- more and more product projects, As we get larger, harder to coordinate projects and resources

- increasing inefficacies and need to standardize

- visibility problem, out dated information – electronic project updates occur monthly

- how to, Meet new business (must understand capacity to bid effectively for new business)

therefore, with an open, flexible and applicable system, carry out the information platform construction plan, and build an exclusive information system platform according to the needs of the enterprise. It is no longer limited by the functional limitations of the software system, and to change the needs and work processes of the enterprise. Of course, it must consider: the total long-term holding cost of the information system as a whole Build time and risk to cope with the growing business of the enterprise

plan objective

motorola project leader stressed that enterprise process standardization must be effectively coordinated with the information system, and pointed out that the use of an open information platform, internal information personnel have a better control over the software, so that the work capacity to implement the standardized operation process can be easily implemented online, so that users can feel the best timeliness and effect; And then improve the efficiency of actual operation. The principles they emphasize are simple to deploy, simple to use and simple to modify, He also said, "past projects are too limited by the software itself, which often leads to implementation results that are very different from expectations." ; Due to the limitations of the software, the company compromises or abandons the goals and guidelines originally set by the company, which makes the results difficult to show. For the enterprise, the loss is not only the explicit acquisition cost, but also the potential opportunity cost and failure risk. However, with the significant improvement of software technology, such as the introduction of ARAS open PLM, the enterprise's information system has greater flexibility to meet the original objectives and concepts of the enterprise. This is the reason why Motorola decided to adopt ARAS innovator products as the operating platform after multiple evaluations

motorola selects several key points of the system as follows:

- must integrate with other information systems of the enterprise

- various information of the project can be obtained, including output documents, human resources Ability to see all relevant information, deli into experimental method mode verables, staff, costs, materials

- easy roll up to levels higher than single project

- reduce the time spent collecting data and generating metrics

- focus on the analysis of data and metrics for timely business decisions, Establish a central hub for business:

- build a framework for standardization, basis for quality improvements

- manage core business processes, projects, costs/budgets, products

- focus on operating procedures, Rather than the software implementation (focus on our business processes, not the software implementation)

- phased import, Phase implementation over time – don't try to do too much all at once

- the system actively throws the operation data to the user's desktop and integrates into their daily activities

phase planning and importing the contents planned by

motorola, which can be said to be an integrated long-term construction plan, The advanced test plan includes six stages, and the advanced test plan is a link to ensure the success of the plan. (initial pilot, project management & product expectations)

- phase I: commit to basic project management. (phase 1, focus on project management (the Basics))

- stage 2: integrate project man hour report, resource report and budget management. (phase 2, integrate with labor reporting, resource reports, budget visibility)

- the third and fourth stages: establish customer related project portfolio management, advanced project management and plan management. (phases 3 & 4, build custom capabilities for Portfolio & complex project management, proposal process, what if scenarios)

- the fifth stage: build product portfolio and engineering change management, product, item number, BOM and document management. (phase 5, configuration & change management, products, parts, BOMs, docs)

up to now, Motorola has achieved the goal of the second phase of this plan, and launched the contents of the third and fourth phases in full swing. Based on the author's own PLM system introduction experience of more than 10 years, this paper gives a brief view on Motorola's implementation plan. Motorola's project planning is indeed a successful model, and it is suitable for the practice of domestic enterprise information system introduction projects. This is also in line with the spirit of "active planning and orderly introduction" and the information project implementation method of Taiwan enterprises

why open plm

aras President Peter Schroer explained the innovator products adopted by Motorola, Peter went to Marmara University and said, "innovator applies the latest Microsoft.Net SOA architecture. The software adopts an open licensing mode. Innovator 8 is released with Microsoft's shared use license - Microsoft community license (MS CL). Users can download innovator 8 for free from ARAS or Microsoft's codeplex.". This product lifecycle management (PLM) software can control various development procedures of new products from concept, design to market

innovator software includes three parts: project management, product engineering and quality planning. Project management: for tracking the progress of product development projects; Product engineering: provide engineering data and engineering change management functions, and assist designers to manage design results; Quality planning: focus on FMEA operations and assist enterprises in managing product quality and risks

innovator is implemented on Windows Server 2003 and requires net 2.0 and MS SQL Server 2005. The software is based on Microsoft Net, and can be combined with other Microsoft products such as office, Office SharePoint Server 2007, etc. Because the acquisition cost of innovator software is zero, the risk and cost of the enterprise end are greatly reduced, and because Microsoft's architecture is adopted, the subsequent introduction, customization and system maintenance costs can be significantly reduced in terms of talent acquisition, system expansion and scalability

with regard to this new operation mode, Peter Schroer, President of ARAS, said with great confidence that the innovator solution will be released on the

windows platform in the mode that enterprise open licensing is ultimately a fake and low-quality goods, providing completely free software licensing, and enabling innovator to integrate with the existing technologies of the enterprise. ARAS' practice is quite recognized by Microsoft. Bill hilf, general manager of Microsoft's platform technology strategy, mentioned that ARAS said that Microsoft supports ARAS to provide enterprise open solutions on the Microsoft platform. It can be expected that when more industrial partners use the Microsoft platform in different authorization modes, the Microsoft Partner ecosystem will have amazing growth


in the seminar on Motorola's introduction of ARAS open PLM, regardless of the size of the enterprise, many free software community members' participation, efforts and sharing can be found; From this seminar, it can be seen that the software operation mode in foreign countries has gradually changed, and the concept of selecting and importing traditional information systems has been skipped. Before the project has started and the benefits have been shown, a large amount of software licensing fees have been paid, and huge user increase fees, software maintenance fees and forced upgrade fees have been paid every year. In the competitive and low gross profit industrial environment, enterprises are more conservative in their expenditure on information systems. With the trend of large international companies successively adopting free software, should the information system strategy of domestic enterprises also be changed

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