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Ningbo seizes a major case of counterfeit registered trademark of coating

Ningbo seizes a major case of counterfeit registered trademark of coating Vesta (now under the life science department of Lubrizol) providing customized contract manufacturing services for the medical device industry

August 26, 2002

recently, according to a report, Ningbo Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce seized a major case of impact caused by the fake trademark of coating in an original cotton transit warehouse near a hill, There are a large number of filled

finished products and colored semi-finished products stacked in the processing site of more than 1500 square meters on the site, and the initial case value reaches more than 600000 yuan

according to the investigation, the party concerned Ningbo Baishi International Trade Co., Ltd. began to rent other people's idle warehouses in December last year to prepare for the construction. Because this place was originally a cotton transit warehouse, the walls around it were written with the words "warehouse area, no smoking and fire" and so on, it was difficult to think that this place would be a coating processing base. After it was officially put into operation in March this year, a large number of fish died in the pond because of the waste water discharged into the river during the processing process. After the farmers and the village committee inspected the surrounding environment of the village, it was found that the source of the disaster was the sewage discharged by the paint factory, so they appealed everywhere. 8 with the improvement of the product processing process and quality control requirements, in the middle of the month, the industrial and commercial department immediately inspected the enterprise after the anti

screening, and found that its product raw materials were also directly imported from the United States. After unpacking the original imported coating

, it was ground and colored and poured into the paint barrel with its own brand for sale. After verification, the "Baishi" trademark it used was an unregistered trademark that had just been declared to the State Trademark Office in December last year. After it was put into operation in March this year, it was used as a registered trademark. The monthly processing of paint reached more than 30 tons. Up to the time of the case, the illegal business volume reached more than 60

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