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Cat ® (Carter) 980h loader: Port artifact

cat ® (Carter) 980h loader: Port artifact

China Construction Machinery Information

as early as 1991, Yingkou Port coal handling company (now renamed Yingkou Xingang Ore Terminal Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Xingang ore) purchased two cat 966e loaders. At that time, Wang became the main structural material at the age of prime. Up to now, although these two cat loaders have been deployed to brother companies, they are still working hard at the front line of the wharf. Wang Ning has been working with several generations of cat loaders until today...

Wang Ning, deputy manager of Xingang ore flow machine department, who first met cat

over 50 years ago, is now the deputy manager of Xingang ore flow machine department, the so-called mobile machinery, It refers to loaders, excavators, forklifts and other construction machinery that carry out ship clearance, stacking, loading and unloading of mineral powder from overseas and other domestic ports. After working in the flow machinery department for nearly 30 years, Wang Ning remembered the scene when he first came into contact with the cat 966e loader in 1991. The most intuitive feeling he and the workers had about the cat 966e loader was that it was advanced. They have never seen a loader with computer control, nor a loader with air conditioning in the cab...

after the official use, their understanding of the cat 966e loader has further increased: compared with other brands of equipment at the same level, the cat 966e loader has great strength and low failure rate. As long as it is properly maintained, the cat 966e loader will not fail and need no maintenance

cat (Carter) 980h loader: Port artifact

details of cat's excellence

in 2003, the company was restructured and established the third joint stock company, and began to operate ore products. In 2011, Xingang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. established a joint venture with Angang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. A series of changes include large-scale update and addition of equipment. For this reason, Wang Ning made a special trip to Qingdao port and Tianjin port with the company's leaders, and made a rigorous analysis on the types, performance and operation of warehouse clearing equipment in these ports in combination with their own conditions. Finally, based on the valuable experience gained from the investigation and the trust in cat loaders over the past 10 years, they purchased 8 caterpillar (caterpillar) most advanced loaders at that time - cat 980g2 loaders

according to Wang Ning, at present, the eight cat 980g2 loaders have been used for more than 30000 hours, and work an average of 10 hours a day. They have the characteristics of production automation, intelligent equipment, informatization of production data, networking of equipment system, etc. when the task is tight, they even work 24 hours a day, with excellent work efficiency. Although there is a large amount of dust in the port, the sealing effect of cat 980g2 loader is very good, and the long-time operation of the manipulator is not affected by the dust at all; During the cleaning operation, the loader needs to enter the cabin. In summer, the cabin is humid and muggy. The air conditioner equipped with cat 980g2 loader has good cooling effect, which improves the comfort of the operator; It is worth mentioning that due to the high density and heavy weight of mineral powder to be cleaned, loaded and unloaded, the loader ③ screw rod limit spring is pressed too tightly, so it needs to have excellent power performance. Some loaders with ordinary performance in this regard often cannot fill a bucket at a time, and may need to perform multiple actions. However, cat 980g2 HRT or hrn hardness loader, with its outstanding power, completes each bucket at a time and fills it at a time, The work efficiency is greatly improved

cat 980h: a new generation of port artifact

in 2009, with the increase of ore throughput in Xingang, the flow machinery department purchased 8 more cat loaders with the approval of the superior. With the technical update of caterpillar, Xingang ore also kept pace with the times. The eight loaders were the latest cat 980h loaders at that time

cat 980h loader is built on the basis of the classic 980 platform. Many proven systems designed for cat 980G Series II and previous models are still used in cat 980h loaders. Planetary power shift transmission, cab, independent cooling system, integral braking system, freewheel stator torque converter and frame... All these contribute to the proven reliability of cat 980h loader. The catc9 ACERT engine with cat ACERT technology can reduce emissions while maintaining good engine performance, efficiency and durability. In addition, the cat 980h loader has added some unique features in maintenance, which can provide excellent maintenance convenience

the staff of the flow machine department are most concerned about the working efficiency of the cat 980h loader. As the manager of the equipment, Wang Ning has measured the work efficiency for many times. Compared with loaders of the same level of other brands, when operated by the same operator, cat 980h loaders can complete an average of 1000 tons of mineral powder per hour, about 100 tons more than loaders of other brands; During loading operation, cat 980h loader can load 5 carriages with a load capacity of 60 tons per hour, nearly 1/2 more carriages than other brand loaders, about 20 tons. In terms of fuel consumption, the fuel consumption of cat 980h loader is about 25 ~ 28 liters per hour. Wang Ning expressed great satisfaction

the reliability of equipment is also crucial for port enterprises. In case of any failure, the loading and unloading operation of the ship will be delayed. In serious cases, the ship unloader must be deployed to lift the loader out of the cabin for maintenance. This process will take at least 40 minutes, and the direct impact is to unload 2000 tons of goods less. If the delay time is too long, it will affect the timely entry and exit of the ship, and the subsequent impact and loss can not be measured. The reliability of cat 980h loader reassured Wang Ning, and the low failure rate ensured normal production

2012, in order to enhance its strength, the developing Xingang ore purchased six more cat 980h loaders produced by caterpillar (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Wang Ning introduced that as a batch of cat equipment made in China purchased by Xingang ore for the first time, the six cat 980h loaders are no different from the previous imported equipment in terms of performance and reliability

if you have difficulties, go to after-sales service

for the after-sales service of cat agent West (Beijing) mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "West China"), Wang Ning gave a high evaluation: "as long as we have difficulties, in the past, the service personnel of West China will arrive at the scene at the first time." He also recalled an unforgettable past: one day in 2015, a cat 980h loader that had been insured broke down. The equipment maintenance personnel of Xingang ore removed the parts and components for inspection by themselves, but failed to find out the installation sequence during reinstallation, so they had to turn to WestChina for help. Without a word, WestChina's service personnel rushed to the site at the first time, installed and debugged the machinery for free, and trained maintenance technicians on site

during more than 20 years of common growth with caterpillar, Wang Ning deeply realized the excellent performance and reliability of cat equipment. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Caterpillar's entry into China, Wang Ning heartily expressed his sincere feelings for caterpillar: "I wish caterpillar to produce more advanced and high-tech products and continue to make contributions to the development of Chinese ports. In the future, we will continue to deepen cooperation with caterpillar and jointly move towards the new goal of development!"

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