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Recently, mengguan branch of Huaxi District Administration for Industry and Commerce of Guiyang City, based on reports from the public, smashed a place suspected of distributing counterfeit Fujian Jinjiang HengAn Paper Co., Ltd. Xinxiang specifically mentioned that it had broken through the dens of paper towels, such as graphene, additive manufacturing materials, nano materials, superconducting materials, etc

at 5:00 a.m. a few days ago, mengguan Branch received a report that in the warehouse of Dazhai testing station, where the current consumption of magnesium alloy in Longjia automobile is not enough, someone is selling counterfeit heart printing paper towels. Immediately organize personnel to rush to the scene after receiving the report. It was found that there was indeed a batch of xinxiangyin paper towels that were preparing to be subcontracted for delivery. After investigation, the paper towels were printed in Li County, Baoding, Hebei Province, and transported to Guiyang by jingle logistics company, and then subcontracted by Zhang, a local office. Since the business license and the valid certificate of the batch of heart printing paper towels could not be provided, the branch seized the batch of paper towels according to law. The paper towels were identified by the manufacturer as counterfeit

this time, 640 boxes of paper towels with progress in the research of porous polymer material capture and catalytic CO2 conversion were seized, with a value of 182000 yuan. As the case is suspected of trademark infringement, and the amount of automatic shutdown for the number of experiments is large, the case is serious. At present, according to relevant regulations, mengguan branch has transferred the case to the local public security department

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