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Casting 3D printing has become a world leader from being controlled by others

making foundry workers wear white coats and work face to face in an air-conditioned environment, which has been on the minds of all sharers since the 1990s. Focusing on the pain points of industry transformation and upgrading, the group has invested more than 1billion yuan to mainly focus on the industrial application technology of casting 3D printing and the construction of intelligent factories. After realizing the domestic initiative, the group will lead the world in integrated technology

master the "life gate" in my own hands

"China's traditional casting industry is mainly manual labor, which is popularly described as" stupid, big, black and rough ". I have been in the maintenance workshop for 9 years, and I have always had a dream - our working environment can be improved."

the young man who spoke was Liu Yi. At the age of 36, he was the deputy general manager of the industrial innovation center of Ningxia Sharing Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as sharing group) and the president of the Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute

let the foundry workers wear white coats to work in an air-conditioned environment, which has been on everyone's mind since the 1990s. Focusing on the pain points of industry transformation and upgrading, the group has invested more than 1billion yuan to mainly focus on the industrial application technology of casting 3D printing and the construction of intelligent factories. After realizing the domestic initiative, the group will lead the world in integrated technology

a few days ago, the second season of "great power and heavy weapons" was broadcast on CCTV, and the foundry sand core 3D printer of shareware group also appeared in it. This documentary looks forward to the development prospect of China's equipment manufacturing industry, and the "casting dream" of sharing people continues

change the current situation of the industry, target casting 3D printing

enter the sharing group, and the building on the south side is the rapid prototyping engineering technology research center

14 sets of more than 5m high cast 3D printing industrial models are placed neatly, and there is no other roar except the sound of machine operation; Except for a few staff members monitoring in front of the operation board, oneortwo robots shuttle back and forth to transport goods, and there is no other figure

there is no crane and model in the whole workshop. There are a large number of famous manufacturers at home and abroad, without heavy labor, temperature difference, waste sand and dust emission, which completely subverts common sense

"this was not the case in the previous foundry." Liu Yi said

casting is the basic industry of the equipment manufacturing industry. China's casting output has ranked first in the world for 16 consecutive years, and it is a real casting country. However, the traditional casting equipment is mainly sand mixer, which has high labor intensity and low efficiency. The most annoying thing is that the working environment is poor. Workers often go in with a white face and come out with a black face. After a long time, the loss of front-line technicians is serious

Pengfan, chairman of the company who has been engaged in foundry for more than 30 years, has been thinking about how to turn the industry around. In 2012, when he saw the foundry 3D printing laboratory equipment in Germany, he realized that if the technology could be used well to achieve accurate output control, it would cause a part of waste, which would be a thing to subvert the industry

what is 3D printing? "It is actually layered stacking technology, which is a process from three-dimensional to two-dimensional and then to three-dimensional." Liu Yi said that this technology first covers all links from concept stage, design, simulation, processing to component testing. The entity is cut into thin layers along the height direction by using slicing software. This step can be approximately regarded as printing layer by layer on a plane, and then superimposed to form a body. 3D printing technology has a branch in the casting field, named 3DP. At present, it has the highest production efficiency in the industry, relatively low cost, and is the easiest to promote industrialization

the sharer decides to focus on this direction

"before making a casting, you must first make the same model, which will take two months." Liu Yi said that there was no model for casting 3D printing. Instead, the negative film was printed directly and then poured with molten iron or steel. Castings do not need manual assembly, and finished products can be made in about a week

he made every effort to overcome difficulties and break the monopoly of foreign technology

after locking the casting 3D printing technology, Peng fan immediately invested nearly 100 million yuan to buy a printer made in Germany, organized a team of 50 people to make a breakthrough from the "point", and the prototype experiment officially began

unexpectedly, the problem came soon

"all materials and spare parts must be imported. If the equipment breaks down, it must be repaired outside. It can't be used." Peng fan sighs

one day, the machine broke down suddenly during the printing process, and the work box could not be opened, so it went on strike directly. After contacting the German supplier, the other Party requested that the charge be calculated from the moment the engineer gets on the plane, 165 euros per hour

one week later, the engineer finally arrived in Yinchuan, but before the old problems were solved, new problems appeared again. When sharing the group's feedback, the other party shook his head because he was only responsible for solving the previous fault, and the new fault must go through the procedure again

the German engineer left, leaving behind an inoperable machine and angry sharers

this situation has been repeated since then, so in 2013, Peng fan decided to specifically solve the technical problems controlled by others. Liu Yi was entrusted with an important task at this time, focusing on the comprehensive research and development of materials, processes, software and hardware

after more than two years of exploration and research, when the prototype ejected ink, everyone jumped up excitedly - they built the first domestic and the most efficient casting 3D printing prototype in the world, and many problems in German technology were improved

take the engine cylinder head casting as an example. Nearly 20 sand mold parts were originally made with metal molds, which required a highly skilled worker to assemble them precisely. It was a job that a senior technician could only do after half a year of training. The 3D printing technology can be used to print at one time, and the error is reduced from 1 mm to 0.3 mm. The production efficiency is increased by about 3-5 times, and the yield is increased by 20% - 30%

casting production has changed from complex to simple, and the traditional casting production mode has changed from "black" to "green". With the realization of zero emission in production, the former foundry workshop has become an air-conditioning factory, completely overturning the manual production mode of multi variety and small batch sand casting

lead the development of the industry and boost the construction of a powerful foundry country

"my goal is to upgrade industrialization. It is not enough to describe it as' Trilogy '. At present, it is' Trilogy'." Peng fan laughed

after the breakthrough in key software and hardware technologies, they decided to integrate on the "line" and practice the application of intelligent production units. According to the casting process flow, shareware group has creatively put forward the modular and working procedure intelligent manufacturing solution for the casting intelligent unit, and has built and transformed more than 10 intelligent production units

the sharer spelled it out. Liu Yi led the team to successively solve the problems of casting 3D printing materials, processes, software, equipment and so on. They invested 9 sets of equipment to build a production line in Sichuan, which is the first industrialized application production line of casting 3D printing in the world; In addition, the world's first 10000 ton casting 3D printing intelligent factory was built and put into operation in Yinchuan, Ningxia, truly realizing the domestic initiative of industrialized application of casting 3D printing and the transformation of "green intelligence" in the casting industry

in february2016, Premier Li Keqiang visited Ningxia and praised shareshare group for its transformation from "stupid, black and rough" to "fair and graceful lady", which is a vivid reflection of the transformation between old and new kinetic energy

Liu Yi's dream has come true, but the dream of sharing people is far more than that

"through this integrated innovation, I will show the advantages of casting 3D printing technology to the market and make it affordable for the industry. It should not be just a vase on the shelf." Peng Fan said that next, they will help others design and build smart factories. In 2018, a total of 10 digital demonstration factories were designed and built, and three have been built so far

today's sharing group is one of the first 46 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprises in China, undertaking the key projects of national key R & D plans such as "large-size and efficient sand mold additive manufacturing equipment", and is also one of the 13 enterprise member units of the national intelligent manufacturing standardization group

in the next five years, it will strive to achieve the transformation from promoting enterprise development to leading industry development with an annual growth rate of about 20%. "It is hoped that around 2030, through joint construction and sharing of new industrial ecology, China's foundry industry will be supported to step into the international advanced ranks." Pengfan said

this is the biggest dream of sharing people. Its name is "forging a powerful country"

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