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Guanhao hi tech's cash acquisition is domineering and directly targets the downstream printing assets. The restructuring target directly targets the downstream printing assets. It is very different from the widely rumored oil shale injection in the market. A major asset restructuring progress announcement of Guanhao hi tech disclosed that its capital operation direction is to acquire the downstream bill printing enterprises. It is thought-provoking to accelerate the transformation of old and new kinetic energy & nbsp; Graphene PVC material has a broad prospect for research and development. According to the wording of the announcement, this major asset restructuring will be purchased in pure cash. The scale of this acquisition was pushed back by the regulatory rules constituting a major restructuring, and the company did not know whether the cash in hand was sufficient

Guanhao hi tech announced today that it plans to purchase the assets of a domestic target company in cash. The target company is mainly engaged in bill printing and is a downstream enterprise of the company. Up to now, the company has communicated and negotiated with the counterparty on cooperation matters for many times, and closely cooperated with independent financial advisors, auditors, appraisers, lawyers and other intermediaries to actively carry out due diligence, assessment, audit and other work. As the above due diligence, assessment and audit have not been completed, in order to ensure the smooth progress of this restructuring and safeguard the interests of investors, the company's shares will continue to be suspended for no more than 30 days from September 21 upon the application of the company

after reviewing the data, Guanhao hi tech suspended trading from July 23 and announced that it was planning a major asset restructuring. Since then, the company disclosed the announcement of continued suspension of major asset restructuring on August 22

a noteworthy detail is that the announcement disclosed that the major asset restructuring was conducted through cash acquisition

according to the regulatory rules, major asset restructuring must account for at least one of the three 50%. First, the total assets purchased and sold account for more than 50% of the total assets of the listed company at the end of the audited consolidated financial accounting report in the latest fiscal year; Secondly, accounting for more than 50% of the operating income; Thirdly, it accounts for more than 50% of the net assets and more than 50million yuan

according to the 2011 Annual Report of Guanhao hi tech, the operating income was 933million yuan, the annual total assets were 2.14 billion yuan, and the net assets were 1.41 billion yuan. Obviously, the subject matter of this acquisition will be relatively large

according to this year's semi annual report, the current monetary capital on the company's book is 468million yuan. On August 10, the company also announced that it had borrowed 200million yuan from Chengtong Finance Co., Ltd. for a period of 12 months. The interest rate was 3% lower than the benchmark lending rate of the people's Bank of China for the same period

in fact, during the reorganization and suspension of trading, Guanhao high tech has purchased a bill printing enterprise, whose surface requires very smooth processing, that is, high surface roughness. On August 29, Guanhao high tech rubber tensile testing machine signed the equity transfer agreement with Zhejiang mozihua Printing Co., Ltd. to purchase its 24.93% equity of Tianjin Zhongchao Paper Industry Co., Ltd. with 41.66 million yuan

according to the announcement, mozihua printing is a Sino foreign joint venture, established on September 22nd, 1992, with a registered capital of US $9.2 million. Based on the special printing of anti-counterfeiting bills, it has formed a comprehensive enterprise integrating anti-counterfeiting bill printing, high-end color printing and packaging, financial data printing, self-adhesive and other businesses

according to the disclosure, the audited total assets of Tianjin Zhongchao in 2011 were 245891900 yuan, the net assets were 132.282 million yuan, the operating income was 38.47006 million yuan, and the net profit was 26.1662 million yuan

as for the purpose of acquisition, the announcement at that time said: first, Tianjin Zhongchao has a sustainable profitability and is a benign asset. After the transaction is completed, it is conducive to enhancing the profitability of the company; Secondly, Tianjin Zhongchao's business conforms to the company's development strategy of expanding and strengthening the special paper sector, which is conducive to expanding the company's main business and consolidating the company's industry position; Thirdly, Tianjin China Banknote has industry advantages. Its main products include banknote paper, check paper and money order paper, which have a large profit space and belong to special resources; Finally, Tianjin China Banknote has a strong professional technical team and has a new type of anti-counterfeiting paperboard with utility model patents. There is a possibility of technical exchange between the two sides. At that time, it will help to strengthen the technical level of the company's anti-counterfeiting paper and expand the company's anti-counterfeiting paper business

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