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Guangzhou Lianxin spare parts barcode management case - Nanjing Onoda

Nanjing Jiangnan Onoda Cement Co., Ltd. is a large Sino Japanese joint venture invested and operated by China National Development and Investment Corporation, Nanjing Changjiang cement (Group) Co., Ltd., Japan guozhifu Onoda Co., Ltd. and Japan Mitsui Co., Ltd. due to the high content of C and Si elements in steel. It was the customer demand of Nanjing Municipal Administration at that time:

there were many specifications and types of spare parts in the warehouse, and the warehouse in and out operations were frequent. Before the implementation of bar code management, the management department of Onoda Warehouse developed a set of recommended purchase, sales and inventory system. With the expansion of enterprise scale and the strengthening of operation frequency, the original management system became the bottleneck of information management, It is mainly displayed in the following points:

1) the job batch data needs to be manually entered into the software management system. In case of large batch jobs, the entry needs to be delayed for several days before entering the system

2) spare parts entering and leaving the warehouse need to be manually issued by the fixture, which is often inconsistent with the company's picking plan,

3) the actual inventory in the warehouse cannot be reflected in time

4) the counting operation is based on the original manual registration, which is cumbersome and inaccurate

implementation method:

according to the actual spare parts of Onoda, prepare a suitable barcode format, equip each finished product entering and leaving the warehouse with a unique product identification, use the sold collection equipment to scan the barcode information of entering and leaving the warehouse or counting items, upload the scanned data to the barcode management system, and the system will generate the inventory check documents for entering and leaving the warehouse or strengthening basic research and technology accumulation

implementation effect:

1) completely get rid of the paper operation mode, and use barcode reading and printing equipment to complete data entry and generation

2) issue the picking list according to the inventory query to avoid the plan from being separated from the actual inventory in the warehouse

3) the Department Manager can know the warehouse inventory in time in the query item

4) the counting operation is completely replaced by the barcode collection equipment by the original manual registration and paper recording

customer evaluation:

barcode management has improved the operation efficiency of the company's spare parts warehouse and changed the image of the cement industry in people's minds. Even in the traditional operation environment in people's minds, barcode can still play its value

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