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Cat ® (Carter) equipment helps customers with mine land reclamation

cat ® (Carter) equipment helps customers with mine land reclamation

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China's mining development has always provided important resource support for national economic construction. In August, 2010, the Ministry of land and resources of the people's Republic of China started the construction of green mines in an all-round way. "Green mine" is a new development mode. The whole process of mineral resources development requires the transformation from traditional extensive development to green development - resource conservation and intensive utilization, resource development and environmental friendliness, energy conservation and emission reduction, etc

In the process of building green mines, Yunnan phosphating Group Co., Ltd. and Aluminum Corporation of China Guangxi branch have effectively carried out mine land reclamation and restored the ecological environment, realizing the sustainable development of the community and the environment

no matter how slight the ecological environment is, Yunnan phosphating Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yunnan phosphating") is located in Jinning County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. The company integrates geological exploration, mine design, technology research and development, phosphate mining and beneficiation, phosphate chemical industry and multi-economic and trade, and has built four large open-pit mines: Kunyang Phosphate Mine, Haikou phosphate mine, Jinning phosphate mine and Jianshan phosphate mine. In 2013, Yunnan phosphating produced 16.72 million tons of raw ore; The company stripped 49.33 million cubic meters and realized an operating revenue of about 5.69 billion yuan

cat equipment helps customers with mine land reclamation

the mine land reclamation of Yunnan phosphating can be traced back to the 1980s. The company has formulated the overall plan for mine vegetation restoration and construction projects, which has been included in the company's medium and long-term development plan and annual production and operation plan. Since 2004, Yunnan phosphating has gradually increased investment and fully implemented the mine land reclamation and ecological environment protection projects

Yunnan phosphating always adheres to the concept of sustainable development in the process of reclamation. According to the characteristics of the mining area, the company changed the traditional way of discharging the stripped materials to the external dump, and implemented the operations of separate stacking of topsoil, centralized discharge of stripped materials to the goaf and backfilling and paving of topsoil. On the one hand, the newly acquired land will no longer be occupied due to the discharge of stripped materials from mining to external waste dump; The second is that the goaf after internal drainage and soil reclamation can provide conditions for replanting. This process requires the efficient, stable and reliable cooperation of a large number of mechanical equipment, so as to effectively realize the sustainable operation of "mining while reclamation"

there are 34 sets of cat equipment in the four mines of Yunnan Phosphating for mining and land reclamation. This includes: 20 cat 773e off highway trucks, mainly used for transportation of stripped materials in mining areas; Five cat d9T and two cat d9r crawler bulldozers are mainly used for stripping operation; Three cat d8r crawler bulldozers assist in dumping operations at the dump; 1 set of cat 988h wheel loader, mainly used for short-distance ore pouring operation; In addition, there are two cat 160H and cat 14g graders, which are mainly used for road maintenance in the mining area to ensure the safety of 100kN load sensor × 2. The full scale of the measuring range is 100 ÷ 2 = 50kN. The daily work of the mine is carried out smoothly

"most employees in our mining area have deep feelings about cat equipment. Yunnan phosphating has used cat equipment since the 1980s, which has made great contributions to the development of the company. Cat equipment is mainly used for the internal discharge and transportation of stripped materials in mining areas and the finishing of waste dump platforms in the reclamation work." Said Liuhong, director of Yunnan phosphating Kunyang Phosphate Mine

as of 2014, Yunnan phosphating has invested more than 200million yuan in the land reclamation and vegetation project, planted more than 25000 mu of trees, and the land reclamation vegetation rate of the area of recoverable vegetation has reached 94%. When the difference is beyond ± 2, the hardness tester must be revised and repaired or tested by other hardness testing methods, and the geological environment of the mining wasteland has been effectively restored and treated, A certain scale of ecological forest, economic forest and landscape forest have been formed in the land reclamation vegetation area

from 2011 to 2012, four mines under Yunnan phosphating have successively become "national green mine pilot units". In december2014, the Kunyang Phosphate Mine and Haikou Phosphate Mine of Yunnan phosphating officially became the first batch of 35 national green mines with larger relative error in China

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