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The iron and steel industry is crying out for a way out. Steel enterprises in trouble in the iron and steel industry are crying out for a way out. Recently, another demonstration project of steel structure housing in China - Hangxiao steel structure Baotou "Wanjun · Dacheng" was completed, which was highly praised by industry experts. "The professional system of Hangxiao steel structure steel structure housing has laid the foundation for the generalization of China's steel structure housing system, and the development of China's housing industrialization is more promising." Wenlinfeng, deputy director of the housing industrialization promotion center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, said. The policy sunshine is poured into the "steel window". The company has the production and manufacturing capacity of steel structure residential buildings with an annual output of 10million square meters Hang Xiao steel structure chairman Shan yinmu told. For Hangxiao steel structure, which has "sharpened a sword in ten years", the greatest joy this year is that the steel structure industry can finally be bathed in the sunshine of national policies. On April 27, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development jointly issued the notice on the implementation opinions on accelerating the development of green buildings in China, which made it clear that green buildings will account for more than 30% of new buildings by 2020 by establishing a financial incentive mechanism, improving standards, norms and evaluation and identification systems, and promoting relevant scientific and technological progress and industrial development. As the main representative of green buildings, steel structure residential buildings have excellent performances such as light weight, fast construction speed, good performance, energy saving, material saving, water saving, land saving, earthquake resistance and so on. It is one of the building structures with the least impact on the urban environment. Building a house like building blocks "building a house like building blocks! The average floor is two and a half to three days. In less than two years, the phase I of 275000 square meters has entered the stage of mechanical and electrical equipment installation and commissioning and indoor decoration." Fang Hongqiang, chief designer of Baotou Wanjun · metropolitan project, introduced. In 2010, Hangxiao steel structure began to build a 32 story Wanjun Dadu urban construction with a height of 96.6m and an seismic fortification intensity of 8 in Baotou City, although research units or manufacturers including Belgium intercollegiate Electronic Research Center (IMEC) have invested in R & D buildings abroad. Due to the hybrid structure system of steel reinforced concrete core tube, it has large lateral stiffness and strong adaptability to the building plane, which is easy to meet the functional requirements of residential plane layout, fire prevention and sound insulation. Setting steel columns and beams in the cylinder can not only increase the ductility of the structure and improve the seismic capacity of the building, but also adjust the construction sequence and improve the construction speed. Take filling in PVC as an example, "do things on the construction site in the factory, outdoor things indoors, high-altitude things on the ground, dangerous and complex things done by machines, and don't do things that pollute the environment." Shan yinmu summed up the characteristics of steel structure housing. In view of the existing shortcomings, the R & D team of Hangxiao steel structure has comprehensively explored the construction selection, wall materials, construction management and other aspects, and found a set of methods to improve the performance of steel structure housing. The best way to "hide steel for the people" is for the steel industry to cry bitterly this year. From "raising pigs at WISCO" to "the profit per ton of steel is less than a dish", which reflects the reality that the troubled steel enterprises need to find a way out in recent years. "China's 36million affordable housing units, if some of them build steel structure housing, calculated by using 30-50 kilograms of steel per square meter, it is an astronomical number. If it can be promoted in commercial housing, it will be an extremely huge market. The housing and steel alliance is the right way for China's steel industry to get out of trouble, and it is also a choice for the country and the people!" Yao Bing, President of China Construction Metals Association, has been running and appealing. "The amount of steel used for construction in developed countries accounts for 10% to 30% of the steel output, and the annual amount of steel used for construction in China is only more than 20 million tons, accounting for a negligible proportion. It is hoped that the state will give appropriate subsidies to the pilot project of steel structure housing to encourage development." Chen Lulu, a steel structure expert, made suggestions. "Although China has excess steel production capacity at present, it is still short in the long run, because China is relatively short of high-quality iron ore resources, and the funds spent on importing iron ore every year are astronomical. From the perspective of 'national strategic reserve', steel is stored purposefully, hidden in buildings, hidden in people, and load tests have been carried out in accordance with DIN EN 22088 ⑶. The construction of steel structure housing should be the best way!" Many steel structure enterprises appeal

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