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The world's largest arc length bent steel glass was successfully rolled off the production line in Luoyang north glass technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Luoyang north glass) yesterday learned from Luoyang north glass technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Luoyang north glass) that the world's largest arc length - 4500mm bent steel glass was successfully rolled off the production line in the company recently. This marks that the steel bending furnace independently developed by the company has set a new world record created by itself, and further consolidated its international leading position in the field of steel bending glass

on the same day, this world record bending steel glass was seen in the Luoyang north glass workshop: the whole glass arc was 4500mm long, 2200mm high and 17 thick. 5mm, showing a smooth curved surface, which looks very transparent

"the whole glass is actually composed of two ultra white curved steel glasses, but from the appearance, the two glasses are closely matched, and the degree of coincidence is very high." Hou Huichuan, the relevant person in charge of Luoyang north glass, said that the thickness between the two ultra white curved steel glasses is 1. 5mm PVB interlayer for bonding. However, in order to achieve the effect of tight fitting, the arc coincidence error of these two pieces of glass with an area of nearly 10 square meters must be controlled within 1. Within 5 mm, it is very difficult. Spring tension, compression and fatigue tests below 20KN are done

it is understood that bent steel glass is curved tempered glass formed by heating ordinary glass to the softening point and quenching with a steel bending furnace according to a certain radius. It can be widely used in various curved glass curtain walls, lighting ceilings, landscape balconies, guardrails, partitions, furniture, electrical appliances, etc

as the world's largest manufacturer, manufacturer and sales of tempering furnaces, Luoyang north glass's production level of bent steel glass has always been in the forefront of the world. In the 1990s, Luoyang north glass Co., Ltd. developed China's leading steel bending furnace and produced steel bending glass with an arc length of 2440 mm, setting an industry record; In 2005, Luoyang north glass broke its own record, producing 3660mm arc length curved steel glass, and a lightweight plastic innovative technology has maintained a leading position in the industry in the use of automotive lightweight innovative technologies such as automotive engines, power systems, transmission systems, fuel systems, chassis, automotive bodies, interior and exterior trim parts, bumpers, electronic components and so on

in recent years, with the continuous development of China's economy and society, the market has an increasingly strong demand for bent steel glass with larger arc length. This year, Luoyang north glass began to set up a project to carry out technical transformation of the original steel bending furnace, mainly to comprehensively upgrade its mechanical and electrical control parts

after nearly a year of continuous commissioning, the upgrading of the bending furnace to September 14, 2017 was successfully completed. Using this independently developed steel bending furnace, Luoyang north glass successfully produced the world's largest arc length bending steel glass, setting a new world record for the largest arc length bending steel glass

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