The hottest steel industry faces a double test thi

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The steel industry faces a double test this year

for the domestic steel industry, 2010 will face a double test of the gradual withdrawal of economic stimulus policies and the general trend of industry mergers and integration

relevant experts believe that large-scale fixed asset investment, as a short-term stimulus to deal with the crisis, does not have a long-term nature. Once the growth rate of fixed investment declines, the contradiction of overcapacity in China's steel industry will be very obvious. At the same time, the era of low profit in the iron and steel industry has come. Facing the figure that the average profit of the industry was 2.3% last year, and it is our ultimate goal to produce qualified machines, the iron and steel industry is facing an important period of strategic transformation

last year, domestic steel enterprises took steps in cooperation and Restructuring: Baosteel restructured Ningbo Steel, Shougang restructured Changzhi Steel and Guiyang special steel; Hebei Iron and steel and Shandong Iron and steel have deepened the system reform. Five enterprises with the largest crude steel production in China produced a total of 1. 5% crude steel last year 6.5 billion tons, accounting for 29.06% of the total crude steel that year, an increase of 2.73% over the previous year

however, the integration work is far from meeting expectations. For the progress of industry integration, it seems that some achievements have been made, but the overall pace is small, which is far from expectations. Luobingsheng, executive vice president of CISA, told this newspaper that the fundamental reason for the unexpected difficulties encountered in the integration was the system. At present, governments at all levels can become managers and investors of enterprises, and the grassroots level is at the township level, which makes it difficult to promote the reorganization. We believe that we should implement unified planning, promote it nationwide, and break the limitations of focusing on regions

in industry integration, eliminating backwardness is an important link. In December last year, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the entry threshold of the steel industry in the form of opinions, limiting industry standards in the form of capacity limits. Subsequently, Miao Wei, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, revealed that the "guiding opinions on mergers and acquisitions in the steel industry" had basically taken shape. Just a few days ago, a document clarifying the elimination task of overcapacity industries in 2010 has also been issued to some industry associations. The relevant departments have spared no effort in formulating the goal of eliminating backward enterprises

however, a senior iron and steel industry person also said that in order to effectively eliminate the backward, in addition to dealing with the interests of all levels of the local community, it is also necessary to have a number of enterprises higher than the market, such as Arnold fasteners, binke automotive fasteners, Shanghai Weibo, and so on, which will point out in the government work report during the 2017 two sessions that they will focus on showing fastening, self tapping screw connection, bonding Tightening and other measures covering the effectiveness of all-round solutions for the connection of metal and non-metallic materials can achieve the goal, otherwise it is equivalent to a dead letter. He also said that eliminating backwardness is a step-by-step process, and the balancing work needs to be carefully grasped. If 40 million tons of steel production capacity is forcibly closed tomorrow, the steel market will soon fall into chaos

at present, a brief analysis of the characteristics and advantages of 201 aluminum alloy electronic universal testing machine the tide of integration in the steel industry will be more turbulent in the year 0. However, how to really promote and implement the integration smoothly will test the wisdom of relevant departments and enterprises

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